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Hiding Eyesores Outside Your Home

Hiding Eyesores Outside Your Home

When you are moving to a new home, the first step is usually selling your current home. That isn’t always very easy. However, there are steps that you can take to help your home sell faster and for more money. One of these tactics is called staging your home for sale. There are many factors that are considered by potential buyers and there are some simple things you can do to make your old home look fresher and more appealing. Hiding eyesores around the home is definitely a great way to help your home sell. Last month we highlighted different ways to hide eyesores inside your home. Today, we are focusing on hiding the eyesores outside of your home. This can be even more important because the outside of your home helps make that all-important first impression on potential buyers. Here are 15 different things you can do to help your curb appeal.

Hide the Air Conditioner

Hide the Air Conditioner Image Credit:

The air conditioner box is usually an ugly eyesore that mires the landscape of your yard. You can’t use real plants to cover it because it risks growing in and interfering with the unit. Instead, the solution is recycled faux plastic plants. They can safely do the job and look much nicer than a big, ugly box in the middle of your lawn.

Build a Functional Backyard Barrier

Functional Backyard Barrier Image Credit:

Are you afraid your potential buyers will notice the lack of privacy in your backyard? Perhaps there is an eyesore that you want to cover. This type of functional barrier does the trick and provides value at the same time. In this case, this is a tall fireplace that can cover up an unwanted view while adding to your backyard’s cozy factor.

Hide the Hose

Hide Your Hose Image Credit:

Even when you have a green hose, it still never blends in with your yard and always sticks out, looking awkward. When you see how easy it is to hide it away in this specially designed container, you will definitely want one for your new house too. It even includes a built in hole for easy access and use.

Garden Tool Box

Garden Tool Box Image Credit:

This is such a clever idea for keeping your gardening tools all in one place and never strewn around the garden or garage. It adds a quaint and interesting aspect to your garden.

Rock Covers

Rock Cover Image Credit:

Just about every yard has some sort of utility box or meter that is in the way and messes up the whole look. Different rock covers like this one do the trick to cover it up without messing up the overall design and natural zen of your garden or landscaping.

Storage Under the Stairs

Extra Storage Under the Stairs Image Credit:

This is a great way to not only hide eyesores and keep the yard more organised, but it helps add value to your home. Using up idle space to stay organised will go a long way towards selling your home and keeping your sanity in the meantime.

Storage Box for Firewood

Storage Box for Firewood Image Credit:

If your home normally needs firewood, rather than leaving it in an unorganised and unsightly pile, why not build a neat box to keep it in? The box also serves as a protective barrier from your firewood getting wet.

Storage Under the Outdoor Deck

Extra Storage Under the Deck Stairs Image Credit:

Many homeowners have issues with outdoor storage. Leaving everything around or piling it all into the garage isn’t a solution, especially if your garage is already full or non-existent. So, building this extra storage area under an area that would normally be idle adds value and function. It helps your yard look neat and clean when showing your home to potential buyers.

Hide the Rubbish Bins

Rubbish Bins Hideaway Image Credit:

Garbage cans are usually unsightly and no one wants to see them when they walk up to a house. Most homeowners associations have regulations that rubbish bins remain hidden. If your yard doesn’t have a good place to conceal them, then sometimes you have to resort to building something to hide them away in. Why not have it be something that adds interest and design to your yard like this trellis style box? The added space for a flower garden on top further conceals, adds beauty and likely helps cover up some of the smell too.

Privacy Wall

Pretty Privacy Wall Image Credit:

This is another great idea if your backyard is too close for comfort to your neighbor’s back yard. A frosted glass partition goes a long way toward adding a little seclusion to your backyard without blocking the sunlight or offending your neighbors with an ugly wall.

Vinyl Closet Door Partitions

Vinyl Closet Doors Repurposed Image Credit:

If a building project isn’t in your budget or schedule, then you can get away with hiding utility boxes or meters in your garden with a vinyl closet door repurposed. It fits in with some types of garden landscapes; and of course, you can paint it to better match your garden or yard.

Wood Screen Cover

Wooden Screen Cover Up Image Credit:

If a utility box is messing up the front curb appeal of your home, a simple wood screen like this one can do the trick. It can be built with a door that swings open for easy access to the utility box and also leaves plenty of air so that the box isn’t crowded in to cause any false readings. This type of design also lends itself to attaching wood planters; along with the house numbers prominently displayed, it adds curb appeal rather than taking it away.

DIY Electric Metre Screen

Electric Metre Screen Image Credit:

As you can see, this wooden cover with planters makes this a much better scene than the electric metre alone. Make sure it is a hinged box so that the utility worker can easily open it to get the monthly readings required.

Paint Camouflage for Metres

Paint Camouflage for Electrical Box Image Credit:

If building a box isn’t feasible or perhaps isn’t allowed by the electric company, then a simple solution can be just painting the box and metre to match the paint in your house.

Cover the Metre

Meter Cover Image Credit:

If you have this type of metre that sticks up out of the ground, there are covers available for sale at home improvement stores or you can build one yourself. This is a great way to hide an eyesore while adding to the aesthetic value of your landscaping or garden.

Wood Lattice Air Conditioner Cover

Air Conditioner or Garbage Can Lattice Cover Up Image Credit:

Here is another example of an air conditioner cover. This one is built using wood with plenty of space for air to get in and out. Make sure that the top comes off too so that you can check the box and repairmen can get to it when needed.

Front Yard Hideaway

Air Conditioner or Rubbish Bin Wooden Cover Up Image Credit:

Here is one last example of a hideaway for the front of your home. It has the house number on it to help incorporate it into your house design. This type of hideaway can be for an air conditioner or the rubbish bins.

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