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Before and After Remodel Ideas from HGTV’s Flip or Flop

Before and After Remodel Ideas from HGTV’s Flip or Flop

If you have ever seen the HGTV show called Flip or Flop, you were probably inspired to either run out and buy a new house just to remodel it or, at the very least, make some design changes and do some remodeling of your own.  It is a show that airs on HGTV and is also featured on where a young couple of real estate agents have turned into home investors. They purchase old, run down homes and then they rebuild them, make improvements, and change the design. Then, they turn around and sell the house for usually a hefty profit. When you watch this show, it is definitely exciting to see them turn rundown and dilapidated homes into design masterpieces.  It is definitely a good source for design inspiration and motivation where you can get some great redesign ideas for some of the older or drab areas of your own home.  The bonus is that the original state of the houses they usually buy will never make you feel bad about your lack of housekeeping.

Here are 10 before and after designs from the show Flip or Flop. Keep these ideas in mind when moving to your next home, or for staging your own home so that it will sell for more money.  You can even shop for some of the items in each pictured redesign by following the link on the website. Now, we present 10 before and after designs from Flip or Flop:

The Messy Bedroom becomes a Cozy Bedroom

Messy Master Bedroom

Calling this bedroom messy is an understatement. Besides the trash and clutter everywhere, there was unpermitted construction that extended this bedroom into the garage.

Messy Master Bedroom

The once messy bedroom is transformed into a cozy space with a fresh coat of paint, modern furnishings and a plush carpet.


Outdated Cabinets Given a Fresh Twist


Things get old, it happens. Updating old kitchen cabinets don’t have to be a major project though.


Damaged Built In Makeover

Sometimes fixtures in your home get broken over time, sometimes it can be a botched job on a fix or a redesign. But, you are never too far away from making something really nice come of it.


The after design of the damaged built in wall cabinet looks like a gorgeous new room anyone would love. The wood flooring definitely adds style and contrast. The update accent pieces can be good whether they are yours or staged pieces.  A fresh coat of paint helps everything look new, crisp and clean.

Changing the cabinets and the flooring can make all the difference when it comes to this kitchen’s appeal. Notice, the appliances, countertops, backsplash, and structures are all the same. Only white new cabinets were installed and new, darker flooring. The addition of cabinets instead of shelves at the top adds to the storage space as well as the design.

Missing Kitchen Cabinets

Just about everyone has unfinished projects in their home. In this case, there is a divider and perhaps a spot where kitchen cabinets once were, but they are now missing.



The after design where the cabinets were missing completely transform this space and still leaves a divider for the breakfast nook or informal dining room in the corner right by the large window.  Custom cabinets and new appliance completely turn this space around from broken to beautiful.


Popcorn Ceiling and Outdate Colours Turn into a Room that Just Pops


Popcorn ceilings are a clean giveaway to outdated design. When remodeling a room, the first thing to go should be the outdated popcorn ceilings.


Once the ceiling is nice and smooth, and the walls get a clean coat of neutral paint, this room looks completely transformed. Even the wood flooring now looks new, and the large space fits a dining area and a comfy living space.


Say Goodbye to Ugly Yellow Walls


I’m sure you recognize the yellow walls from the before and after picture above. It is the other side of the living space there with the beautiful brick fireplace that is muted by the mustard yellow colour. Even if you like the colour yellow, you have to agree that it just doesn’t work in this room with the brown colours.


This is also an excellent example of how neutral colours work best if you are showing or selling your home. Lighter, neutrals appeal to more buyers. White painted walls do not look plain and boring at all when you have the right accents.  The area rug ties in the new colour scheme in the room.


Fireplace Falling Apart

A fireplace can be a magnificent centerpiece to any room. But, it does have to be finished and work to really do the trick.


In this after picture, the room is virtually unrecognisable once the fireplace is refinished and surfaced.  Once again, the white finish adds a clean and refreshed look.


Unstable Stair Railing


Not only are these railings old and unsightly, they also were unstable.  Of course, part of redesigning your home includes bringing everything up to code. It will help prevent any snags when selling and closing.

The updated look is crisp and clean. New carpeting and paint accents combined with this refined and pretty wrought iron railing brings a simple style to this room.


Too Many Walls



It’s not your fault if your home was designed when a different type of design trend was the norm. But, in order to sell it or make your new home functional for your family now, it’s time for a big change.


This doesn’t even look like the same home! Whether you are improving your old home or your new one, this is the type of change that is well worth the investment.  Opening the walls up brings in more light and a less claustrophobic and open air to the whole house. The design changes around the fireplace also help lighten up the space. New flooring and updated furniture bring together the whole new look.


Bathroom Update

Looking at this bathroom, it’s obvious that it is dated even though nothing is glaringly wrong with it.



They say that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. With this before and after, you can see how this can be true. This master suite bathroom doesn’t have to look like a spa getaway to be a selling point. The new cabinetry, flooring and design updates are enough to make buyers feel more comfortable.


All images photo credit: Flip or Flop on

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