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Top Blog Posts of 2014 (Part Two)

Top Blog Posts of 2014 (Part Two)

This is the second part of our recap of the top Budget Trucks blog posts of 2014. Our blog is relatively new and is aimed at focusing on truck rental in Australia, moving tips, city highlights if you are moving to a new city in Australia, and the other types of truck rentals we have in addition to moving truck rentals. We would love to know what you would like to see on our blog. Here is the rest of our count down of the most read blog posts from 2014:

#5 Budget Truck Special for August 2014

Hourly Rates - Trucks

Moving Truck Special

Each month we feature different special offers and truck rental deals. These posts feature truck rental offers with great rates in each state of Australia. This month was popular because of the variety of specials in locations all over the country. The specials this month included a daily winner contest where you could win back your rental cost, a $40 commercial vehicle rental, a weekend truck special rates for the most popular moving days, and an hourly rate special. This particular post featured several truck hire deals in Melbourne including midweek special rates and an early bird pricing deal. Other cities or regions with specials include Perth, Queensland, Sunshine Coast, and Sydney. To see what specials we are running right now, check out our Budget Trucks Special Offers Page.

#4 Budget Truck Specials for September 2014

Weekend Truck Rental Special

Overnight Truck Rental Australia

Our 4th most popular blog post is all about September’s special prices and great rate offers on truck rentals. This month featured deals on a 12 seater minibus, Melbourne midweek specials, North Sydney truck rentals, and overnight truck rental in New South Wales. Moving van specials were available in Melbourne, Sydney, and the Sunshine Coast. Lastly, there were specials for weekends or one way moving truck rental offers which make it very convenient when you are moving from one city to another and don’t have to worry about bringing the truck all the way back.

#3 How to Save Money When Renting a Truck from Budget Trucks

Email Discounts

Everyone likes to save money! Budget Trucks already offers some of the best truck rental rates in Australia, but for those seeking the lowest price, this blog post gives some insider tips on how to save money and get the best price on truck rentals in Australia. This post highlighted the monthly specials we already talked about in #5 and #4 blog posts in this list. In addition to special discount offers and regional specials, you can also save money by signing up for Budget Truck’s email newsletter. You will them get emails with promotions and exclusive offers for email subscribers. The emails also provide tips, partner opportunities, competitions, and information on great destinations in Australia.

#2 Add These Extras with Your Truck Rental

Budget Trucks - Moving Accessories

Did you know that Budget Trucks offers additional rental items to help make your move easier? We like to provide a one stop shop for your moving truck rental, so we offer the following items for rent or purchase:

  • Moving Accessories: In addition to renting a truck, you can also rent moving equipment to help your move go easier. We also sell extra boxes, rope, packing tape, etc. to help stock you up. We also offer moving tips,packing tips, and moving ‘to do’ lists, all to help you get ready for your move.
  • Reinforced Boxes for Moving: Reinforced boxes are one of the most popular items we sell for moving. It is important to protect your valuables and helps you stay on track and organised.
  • More Moving Accessories: There are often some last minute accessories that our customers need when they pick up the truck that they didn’t realise they were missing. We can help with a checklist to see if you need anything like bubble wrap, tape, rope, or a hand trolley.
  • GPS: This is a great tool that our trucks come equipped with or you can add on a hands free GPS unit. The turn-by-turn audio instructions and on-screen maps help you easily navigate your way to your new home or destination. The GPS unit definitely adds an extra level of safety and peace of mind.

#1 Commercial Vehicles and Trucks Available for Hire with Budget

Light Commercial Van

Light Commercial Moving Van

Light Commercial Tray

Light Commercial Moving Truck

There are over 25 different types of trucks and commercial vehicles you can rent from our Budget Truck locations all over Australia. We don’t only have moving trucks; we offer many other types of vehicles for hire too. The types of trucks and commercial vehicles that we have include:

  • Utes / Trays Truck Rentals
  • Light Commercial Truck Rentals
  • Light Commercial Tray Rental
  • Light Commercial Van Rental
  • Heavy Commercial Truck Rental
  • Heavy Commercial Moving Truck Rental
  • Heavy Commercial Tray
  • Heavy Commercial 8.5 Metre Moving Truck
  • Heavy Commercial Tipper Truck Rental
  • Mini-Bus Rental 12 Passenger
  • Mini-Bus Rental 25 Seats
  • 4WD Truck Rental
  • Refrigerated Vans
  • Coolroom Rental
  • Heavy Commercial Prime Mover Truck Rental


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