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Top Blog Posts of 2014 (Part One)

Top Blog Posts of 2014 (Part One)

We just started our Budget Trucks Tip Blog last year, so we wanted to highlight what our most popular, most read blog posts were. Our blog focuses on truck rental in Australia, moving tips, city highlights if you are moving to a new city in Australia, and the other types of truck rentals we have in addition to moving truck rentals. We would love to know what you would like to see on our blog. Here are numbers 6 through 10 of the most popular blog posts from 2014:

#10 Travel Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Packing and Traveling

Belt - Dress Shirt Collar

Belts Help Dress Collars Keep their Shape

This particular post was part two of a series, here is part one so that you can see the whole list. Some of the travel hacks we featured in this post included:

  • Use Dryer Sheets as Air Fresheners: Keep your clothes in your luggage from smelling old or bad by adding a dryer sheet or two in your luggage.
  • Use a Blow up Raft as a Back Seat Mattress: This tip isn’t for when the car is moving, but comes in handy during long road trips when you need to take a nap in the back seat.
  • Cereal Container Trash Can: The car can get pretty dirty with rubbish during car trips. Instead of using just a plastic bag, use a cereal container with a lid to keep trash from getting out of control. Add a plastic bad liner and you have an easy way to take out the trash. The lid is an extra added bonus in case the garbage gets stinky.
  • Store Your Headphones in an Office Clip: When travelling, your headphones are important to have. Don’t lose them and keep them neat and orderly with an ordinary office clip.
  • Keep a Belt in Dress Shirt Collars: When you are packing your suitcase and space is at a minimum, you find out neat things like putting a belt in your dress shirt collar not only saves space, but keep your collar in shape and nicely pressed.
  • Keep a Dirty Laundry Zipper Bag: You should always travel with some extra bags just in case you need to pack something that is wet. A large zipper bag is great for keeping your dirty laundry separate from your clean laundry.
  • Use a Shower Cap to Protect Your Shoes: A shower cap is an effective an inexpensive way to protect your shoes from getting scuffed up and it also protects your clothes from anything you might have on your shoes.
  • Roll Your Clothes to Save Space: When you are packing and trying to save space, rolling your clothes not only saves space but also helps keep your clothes from wrinkling.
  • Pack Smaller Cords and Chargers in an old Sunglass Case: Keep your cords organized and safe from getting tangled by putting them in old sunglass cases.
  • Wrap Larger Cords around a Clothes Hanger: Larger cords fit nicely around a plants hanger. This prevents you from having a tangled mess, takes up less room, and you have an extra pants hanger to keep your clothes from wrinkling.

#9 Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

Clear Packing Bins

Clear Packing Bins

Moving hacks was another popular post because everyone would love to make moving easier. We featured ideas like:

  • Using clear plastic bins to pack so that you can see what is inside everything.
  • Padding fragile items with clothing.
  • Protecting your makeup and toiletries with cotton balls and plastic wrap.
  • Keeping plates from breaking by alternating foam or paper plates in between real ones.
  • Pack your dresser drawers in tact, just cover them with plastic wrap to keep everything together.
  • Labeling and organising all your boxes with colour coded tape.
  • Use stretch wrap to keep your boxes together, this also prevents them from falling and the contents inside from breaking.
  • A bar of soap is an old trick for filling in holes in walls left from nails where your pictures hung in your old house or apartment.
  • Vacuum sealing your clothes in a bag saves space and protects them from dirt and moisture.
  • Pack your entire closet in one step by putting everything including hangers in a big plastic bag.
  • Use everything you can that you already have and are already moving to help pack your things. This includes suitcases, briefcases, and baskets.
  • Plan ahead for the best boxes. You can get free boxes from local businesses that regularly throw them out. The liquor store or wine store is the best place to look because they often use wooden boxes.
  • Take pictures of the back of your electronics with all the cords so you know how to put them back together.
  • Keep screws and other small pieces of anything you have to take apart in a small labeled clear plastic bag.

#8 City Spotlight: Moving to Perth

Perth City Skyline

Perth City Skyline Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Perth is the fastest growing city in Australia, so it’s no surprise that this one of the most popular topics over the past year. This blog post highlighted Perth, what you need to know if you are moving there, and tips about the city. If you want to know about the weather, the cost of living, or things to do if you live in Perth, then check out our blog post and you will be able to learn a lot about Western Australia’s capital city.

#7 City Spotlight: Moving to Adelaide

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide City Centre Over the Torrens Lake

If you are planning to move to Adelaide in South Australia, this blog post will help you get acquainted with the city and learn about it and what it is like to live there. The blog features information like Adelaide’s climate and other important information you will want to know if you are moving there or making a decision on whether you want to move there or not.

#6 Tips for Loading Your Moving Truck Just Like the Experts

When you hire a moving truck and opt to move on your own, we still want you to be able to have a great experience so we offer tips on how to load your moving truck the right way and the most efficient way. This blog post featured a list of materials you need to have in place before you started loading the truck. Next we highlighted specific truck loading tips from the experts, and lastly special instructions for loading and moving furniture.


Stay tuned for part two of our list of the most popular blogs of 2014. This was the beginning of our countdown with most popular blog posts 6 through 10. Our next post will feature the 5 most popular posts which include our moving specials, how to save money when renting a moving truck, a feature of the extras you can add on to your truck rental, and a feature on the other types of commercial vehicles you can rent from Budget Trucks Australia.

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