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City Spotlight: Moving to Hobart

City Spotlight: Moving to Hobart

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. Hobart is located close to the southeast coast of Tasmania on the Derwent River which leads out to the Tasman Sea. As you can see from the close up map, there are many inlets and bays all around the city. It is Tasmania’s most populated city with over 200,000 residents. Much of the city’s property is waterfront or on reclaimed land. It is a very picturesque place to live; the city’s backdrop to the west is Mount Wellington. There is a lot of history in Hobart, it is Australia’s 2nd oldest capital city after Sydney and was originally founded as a penal colony in 1804. Hobart has come a long way since then and is a thriving and interesting city to live in. Today Hobart is a busy seaport and its economy relies on the sea. It is the home port for the Antarctic imports and exports for Australia and France. There is a big cruise ship business in the port during the summer months. Tourism plays a big part in Hobart’s economy. Most recently the wine industry has begun to take shape in the countryside areas near the city.


Hobart Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Hobart Map

Map of Tasmania Photo Credit: Google Maps

Hobart Close Up Map

Hobart Regional Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington Photo Credit: Wikipedia’

Renting a Moving Truck in Hobart

Hobart Truck Rental Map

Hobart Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

The truck hire location in Hobart is centrally located in the city. It is easy and convenient to hire a moving truck and get to anywhere in the city quickly. In addition to moving trucks, we also have a wide variety of utlity and 4WD vehicles available for hire. If you are planning on travelling around Tasmania or going on a drive holiday, we have the right vehicles to keep you safe and get you where you want to go in Tasmania.

Living in Hobart

Hobart Areas Map

Hobart Areas Map Photo Credit:

Hobart can be divided into five main areas:

  • Inner Hobart – including City of Hobart and Inner North
  • North Hobart – includes North Hobart
  • South Hobart – includes South Hobart
  • East Hobart – includes East Hobart
  • West Hobart – includes West Hobart

Hobart is a growing city and a re-development project for the City Centre just began in 2014. There are plenty of different housing options available from temporary to permanent, rentals, or homes to buy. If you are moving to Hobart with your family, there are quite a few different schooling options right in Hobart. School formally starts in kindergarten and there are options to choose from. There is also plenty of options for public transportation in Hobart including bus service, taxis, and even water taxis.

Hobart’s Climate

Hobart Climate

Hobart’s Climate Photo Credite: Wikipedia

Hobart’s climate is a mild temperate oceanic climate. It does get colder in Hobart and Tasmania than it does in the mainland Australia, generally speaking. Average low temperatures during the winter range between 4 and 6 degrees celsius. Average high temperatures range between 20 and 21 degrees celsius. The humidty is low and you can expect an average of 50 mm of precipitation per month.

Things to Do in Hobart


Museum of Old and New Art Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Museum of Old and New Art Exhibit

Museum of Old and New Art Photo Credit: Wikipedia

If you live in Hobart, there is no shortage of things to do, don’t let the “small island” stereotype fool you. The big attraction is the outdoor activities in Hobart and its surrounds, but there is plenty to do indoors as well. Your weekends can be filled with culture at the Museum of Old and New Art, which hosts a variety of exhibits and effortlessly blends together classic and modern pieces. If you want to keep fit, there are several gyms around town, an aquatic centre, and four different golf courses. In addition to that, hiking or bike riding trails are very popular on Mount Wellington. Hobart offers a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and pubs with everything from casual dining to award-winning faire. Hobart boasts a great nightlife with clubs and bars to suit every taste.

Bruny Island

Bruny Island

Bruny Island Cruise Photo Credit:

Bruny Island is just 35 minutes south of Hobart, you can drive from Hobart to the Bruny Island Ferry, which then takes you over to the island. Whether you are a local in Hobart or just visiting on holiday, Bruny Island is a an excellent escape. Bruny Island is a great way to experience the wilderness of Tasmania without venturing too far away from the city. Cruises are available that take you through the bays around the island allowing you to take in the sights of the animals and the beautiful landscape that mother nature has carved into the land. Eco-friendly cruises take you past the coastline where you can view fur seals, fairy penguins, white wallaby as well as countless birdwatching opportunities and marine life options. On Bruny Island, you can sample the locally grown food and wine produced by the locals. Decadent options for dining and tasting are all over the island’s chococlate shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Shopping in Hobart

Salamanca Place

Salamanca Place Market Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Centrepoint Shopping

Centrepoint Shopping Centre Photo Credit:

Hobart’s Salamanca Place is a section of historic cobblestone streets that are lined with modern businesses and markets. It is the city’s hub for shopping, dining, music, and nightlife. You will find the theaters and galleries in this section of town along the water front along Elizabeth Street. If the mall is more your style, check out the Centrepoint Shopping Centre. There are over 35 specialty stores in this mall with a variety of choices including fashion, footware, jewellery, fine lingerie and perfumes, freshly roasted coffees, book stores, music and movie stores too. As far as supermarkets, the biggest ones in Hobart are Woolworths, Coles, and IGA. They each have multiple locations in Hobart and the surrounding suburbs.

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