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Travel Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Packing and Traveling (Part 2)

Travel Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Packing and Traveling (Part 2)

There are many tips and tricks for traveling or moving that can help you enjoy the experience more and be more relaxed and organised while doing it. Do you hate jet lag when traveling? Did you know that exercising the day before you travel can help you beat jet lag? Try it on your next trip! In part one of tips and tricks for packing and traveling we covered packing and travel hacks for your jewellery and toiletries. For this post today, we are focusing on travel hacks for the car and for your suitcases. Images credit: Diplo.

Travel Hacks for the Car

When traveling in the car for any length of time, it can get stressful being confined in a cramped place. Traffic and road conditions can add to the stress. So, make sure that the inside of the car is organised, clean, and smells fresh. Here are some easy ideas:

Use Dryer Sheets as Air Fresheners

Fabric Sheets - Car

Not only do dryer sheets have the benefits listed in the image: cheaper, longer lasting, more effective, and nice smelling than cheap car air fresheners, you also don’t have to worry about an air freshener spilling, cracking, and making a mess in the car. Using a spray or aerosol air freshener can stain or damage car fabrics too.

Bring a Pool Raft

Inflatable Pool Bed

Of course, you wouldn’t use this while the car is in motion, but if you are on a long road trip and need to pull over at a rest stop for a quick nap, a pool raft will make that quick nap much more comfortable. Another handy use for this is a great car seat protector for changing baby’s diapers. Keep deflated to save space and blow up only when you need it. If blowing it up is a task, then bring along a portable air pump. It might be one more thing to add to the load in the car, but when you need it, it is well worth it.

Cereal Box Trash Can

Cereal Box Garbage

The one pictured looks like a plastic cereal container, and this is good for a trash can. Having a garbage container in the car helps prevent a mess from building up and keeps the car neat and orderly. No reason why you couldn’t use a regular cardboard cereal box for this either. Then, just throw the whole thing out when you reach your destination. It is also a great re-use for the cereal box.

Store Your Headphones on an Office Binder

Binder Clip Headphones

Many road trips can be more peaceful with headphones. Sometimes each person wants to hear or do something different and sometimes you just need a break. Bring headphones with you so that you can get away from it all if you need to. Headphones get lost pretty easily though. Use an office binder clip to wrap them up neatly and clip them to yourself or your bag or backpack.

Travel Hacks for Your Suitcase

Your suitcase, luggage, and bags probably need the most help when you pack, move, and travel anywhere. Packing your bags efficiently can mean less bags to carry and less weight to have to lug around with you. Here are some tips to help conserve space in your luggage and keep everything neat and fresh too:

A Belt Keeps Dress Shirt Collars in Shape

Belt Dress Shirt Collar

If you are packing dress shirts, a great way to keep the collar in place is to take your belt, roll it up and place it in the collar. Chances are your shirt will come out in place and you won’t have to re-do your pressing.

Keep a Dirty Laundry Zipper Bag

Dirty Laundry Zipper Bag

Always bring a dirty laundry zipper bag for each person. Not only are they small, each person can keep their dirty laundry to themselves. This is better than a bag that you have to tie and untie each time you add a new dirty laundry item to it. You can unzip and re-zip the bag and keep the smell and dirt in with it.

Dryer Sheets Keep Your Suitcase Smelling Fresh

Dryer Sheet Luggage

Just as dryer sheets are good air fresheners for the car, they are also great for inside your luggage and bags too. Dryer sheets help you keep everything smelling fresh for less. Dryer sheets are less expensive, more effective, and less messy than other types of air fresheners like sachet packets or luggage potpourri.

Shower Capes Keep Shoes Contained in Luggage

Shoes - Shower Cap

When you pack your shoes, using an inexpensive shower cap will help keep any dirt from your shoes from getting on any of your other clothes. This is an inexpensive way of keeping your clothes clean when traveling without having to use more space or a separate bag for your shoes. It also is a great re-use for travel shower caps when you are done using them.

Roll Your Clothes to Save Space

Rolling your clothes not only saves space, but usually can keep your clothes from getting wrinkles. Folding and stacking clothes can cause fold lines and wrinkles. Rolled clothes typically have less wrinkles and you can fit more in your luggage.

Pack Your Cords and Chargers in a Sunglass Case

Sunglass Case - Chargers

Cords and chargers can often get lost or worse, tangled in with the rest of your luggage. Using a sunglass case to keep them helps you stay organised and your cords, ear phones, and charges will stay safe. This is a much better alternative than being loose in your bag, briefcase, or suitcase.

Wrap Cords around a Hanger

Hangar Cords

When you are packing and end up with a lot of cords, use a pants hanger to keep the cords neat and organised during your move.

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