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Tips for Loading Your Moving Truck Just Like the Experts

Tips for Loading Your Moving Truck Just Like the Experts

When you hire one of our trucks to move we want to supply you with the most help and the best tips. Today’s blog post does just that with tips on how to load the moving truck, safety guidelines, and a list of materials you will need for your move. If you are still in the process of packing, be sure to read our tips on packing for a move.

Materials You Need Before Loading Your Moving Truck

Being prepared with the materials you need to load your moving truck will make the process much easier. Make a list of everything you will need so that you can make sure to have all of your moving supplies and tools ahead of time. Your list may vary slightly, but here is a list of basics you will need for moving:

  • Boxes (Make sure all your boxes are the same size so that they stack easily.)
  • A dolly or a hand trolley
  • Paper padding, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, furniture pads, and extra towels
  • Packing tape
  • Straps or rope
  • A large tarp to keep your furniture and boxes from getting wet or dirty

If you need to find any of these supplies, we carry most moving accessories at our truck rental locations.

Expert Tips for Loading Your Moving Truck

Once everything is packed and boxed up and your lists are made, it is time to start loading the truck. Be sure to inspect your truck when you first receive it, but it doesn’t hurt to inspect it one last time before loading it up. The most important thing to remember is safety first when moving, especially when it comes to heavy objects and driving a truck larger than you are used to operating. You might want to make a list of priority so that you remember to load the truck in this order. When it comes to moving day, we know that it can be stressful, you are probably in a hurry, and it can be emotional too; all at the same time. Be sure to evenly balance everything so that the weight distribution is even from left to right.

  1. Lay down a tarp or plastic on the bottom of the truck to protect your items from dirt.
  2. Heavy object go in first and put in the front of the truck near the cab. This includes appliances. Put smaller things inside larger things and make sure that drawers are removing or facing down. Use the padding, wrapping, and towels to ensure that nothing is rubbing against something else and that everything is protected.
  3. Longer items go in next. This includes mattresses, box springs, sofas, and long mirrors that are covered in wrap.
  4. Next, load all the boxes, stacking the heavier boxes on the bottom. Stack items from floor to ceiling and load everything tightly so that it won’t easily shift during travel.
  5. Lastly, add in any other items left to pack. This can be your more fragile items or awkwardly shaped things. Use rugs, linens, and towels to fill in space and ensure that nothing will shift around during the move.

Special Furniture Moving Truck Loading Instructions

If you have any of these specific furniture pieces, take note of these special packing and loading instructions:

  • Rugs should be rolled up and taped in a cylindrical shape.
  • Do not load metal near furniture because it can come through the plastic wrap during the move.
  • Wrap mirrors tightly in bubble wrap. The best placement in in between your mattress and box spring.
  • Wood furniture should be covered in plastic wrap. Take special care with corners and table legs.
  • If you have aquariums, they should be emptied prior to moving day. Place pads inside and out and load it with the boxes so that it can be secured in between them.
  • Chair legs should be wrapped and care taken that too much pressure isn’t applied during transport.
  • If you have grandfather clocks, remove the weights from inside the clock. Wrap and label all of the pieces like the pendulums, etc. Wrap the clock in blankets or pads.
  • Bed should be taken apart and the frames should be strapped near the back.
  • Furniture with drawers should be taken apart and packed up separately. However, if you cannot take the drawers out, they should be loaded facing the side and should be strapped down or secured in place.

Final Reminders Before Transport

Remember to keep your bag of essentials with you and do not pack them in the truck. Your electronics should not be packed in the truck. This includes your television, which may need special instructions since many flat screens and LCD televisions cannot be laid flat. If you can obtain a packing box made specifically for your television, then that is the safest way to transport it. Other electronics like your computers should be kept in the cab with you or in your other vehicle. Before heading to your new home, be sure to run a safety check and make sure that everything is loaded in your moving truck securely.

Budget Trucks Helps Australians Move

If you need any specific advice or tips on moving, be sure to ask your Budget Trucks rental agent. We specialise in helping you move. We are here to do what we can to make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

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