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Moving Checklists

This is a helpful and handy list to have when you are planning a move. Even though some of these tasks might seem like common sense, it is really important to have them written down in a checklist format so that you don’t forget about any details when you get bogged down or overwhelmed with your move. The most important tip for moving is to stay as organised as possible. Label everything, and do everything in a specific order. Budget Trucks has a variety of different truck and utility vehicle options to help you move everything and anything that you need to in Australia. Having a very specific list that you check off each item, and that is arranged by timeline, will ensure nothing gets forgotten and that your move is an organised and as uneventful as possible. Before starting this two week checklist, you should have already cleaned out your home and set aside things that you do not want to keep so you don’t have to pack and move them. Even if you think something is obvious or you won’t forget it, put it on your list anyways, and look at it as one more thing to be able to cross off. Of course, your list might have more particular items according to your needs, but here are 4 general checklists to use for two weeks until moving day, one week until moving day, the actual moving day, and then unpacking and settling in.

Moving Checklist – Two Weeks Away From Moving Day

  1. If you are renting and you have not already done so, inform your landlord you are moving or not renewing the lease.
  2. Let your children’s school know that you are moving and ask for copies of their school records for the new school.
  3. Contact the new school your children will be attending and ask what documents they need in addition to school records such as immunisation records, proof of new residency, etc.
  4. Alert any relevant government agencies of your move and obtain any new documents needed.
  5. Let your family doctors, dentists and any other medical professionals you see know that you are moving. If you are moving out of their vicinity, collect records to give to your new doctors and medical professionals.
  6. Make sure to start eating all of your frozen foods and perishable foods over the next two weeks so that they won’t be wasted.
  7. Contact your utility service companies including gas, electricity, water, and phone to alert them of the move and confirm disconnect dates. If the same companies will be used in your new home, set that up at this time too.
  8. Contact the Post to arrange to redirect all of your mail, parcels and deliveries to the new address.
  9. Alert any business professionals, contacts, associates, and regular deliveries of your new address. Send emails to your contacts with your upcoming address change and the relevant dates.
  10. Confirm all your truck hire details with Budget Trucks.

Moving Checklist – One Week Away From Moving Day

  1. Transfer your personal bank accounts to a bank or location closer to your new home.
  2. Clean as you pack and take care of any minor repairs that need fixing prior to leaving.
  3. Drain fuel from the lawn mower or any other machinery to prepare for safe transport. Dispose of flammable materials, or label them for the new tenant or home owner.
  4. Clean out and label any materials, cleaning supplies, or food you are leaving behind.
  5. Locate instructions booklets for any appliances and details about the security system for the new home owner.
  6. Collect all keys to leave with the landlord or new home owners.
  7. Cancel local services like lawn service, newspapers, etc.
  8. Make a list or start putting things in a bag that you need easy access to, such as medications and things you will need first when unpacking and cleaning.
  9. Pre-label all your boxes before packing them on moving day. Specially mark the boxes you want to unpack, with coloured duct tape.
  10. Secure electronics for safety and security during moving.

Moving Checklist – Moving Day!

  1. Put your suitcase and bags with your essentials in a specific place so that you will have easy access to them during your move and immediately upon arriving to your hotel or new home.
  2. Make sure to keep your valuables and important papers and passports with you.
  3. Make arrangements for your children and pets to be taken care of or safely occupied during all of the loading and packing.
  4. Take all your medications and clean out the medicine cabinet.
  5. Keep extra cash on hand for any extra or unexpected expenses.
  6. Make sure that all boxes are properly labelled before loading them on the truck. Load truck in opposite order of how you plan to unload it so that the things you will need first are put on the truck last.
  7. Leave a note with your forwarding address details in case anything comes for you, the new home owners or tenants will know where to send it.
  8. Once you are done and ready to leave, one of the last things you should do is turn off the gas at the meter or the electricity at the switchboard. Turn the water off at the tap.
  9. Do a final count of how many boxes are loading into the truck so that you can account for everything when you get to your new home.
  10. Lock up all the doors and windows. Leave enough time to do a final walk through to make sure you got everything.

Moving Checklist – Unpacking and Getting Settled In

  1. Try to unload the truck and take inventory that all boxes made it. If anything was left behind at your old house, the sooner you notify someone, the better chance of recovering it.
  2. Inevitably you will find items that you decide you don’t want or don’t fit in your new home. Put them aside to donate or sell before putting them away.
  3. Return your Budget Truck rental to the agreed upon return location.
  4. Have new keys made.
  5. Develop your emergency plans as soon as possible, including emergency meeting spot for your family, emergency exit plans, etc.
  6. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours to start out on the right foot. They will be able to tell you the best shopping spots and neighbourhood details.
  7. Familiarise your pets and your children with your new neighbourhood. Keep cats inside for at least a week.
  8. Research local stores and the best community spots to meet locals online. Facebook or Twitter will likely offer you some great connections.
  9. Do practice runs to see how long it takes to get to work and school from your new home.
  10. Start adding your personal touches to make your home “yours”.
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