Today we are featuring part two of our cool June truck rental deals. Budget Truck rentals are perfect for a number of different needs whether it’s a rugged Australian holiday adventure requiring a four wheel drive or moving to a new home, Budget Trucks Australia has got you covered. Find all of this month’s discount codes, special offers, and details on our website: You can be sure that there is a great price or special pricing offer available at almost every Budget Trucks location in all states in Australia. Some of these special offers are regional and some discounts are available throughout Australia and some are regional or in certain states or territories. Last week, we told you about half of our June Budget Truck rental deals  and now we have the other half: one way truck rental deals, weekday truck rental specials, overnight truck rental deals, special offers for moving in Melbourne, weekend deals for truck rentals, mobile coolroom rental, rental specials, overnight deals, one way moving special, $99 moving van special, and hourly moving rates. Continue reading

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