With so many people working from home and giving up the commute to work these days, you might also be considering turning a room into your home into your home office. A home office is a great idea, but will be at its best when it is planned out in advance. Here are some step by step tips for moving into your home office and making it a success.

  • First, choose the room in the house that is most isolated from the others. You will want to have a quiet place to work. If you happen to have a room that has it’s own entrance, that is even more ideal.
  • Second, set the new office room up for success. Take the bedroom furniture out. When the room is empty, give it a good cleaning and maybe even repaint the room. Maybe you will like a cool and calming color like blue or grey that helps you relax and concentrate while you are “at work”. Or, something like yellow or orange that is energizing. The office furniture you choose should be ergonomic.
  • Third, protect the floor. It is likely that your home flooring, whether it is rug or wood is not built for a rolling chair causing wear and tear or ruining the carpet. You can easily protect the flooring with a plastic cover made for a rolling chair.
  • Fourth, move in your office furniture. Keep it as professional as possible while making it comfortable, but not too comfortable. You shouldn’t want to stay in there when you aren’t working. It should be just comfortable for working.

Having an office at home can be a catch 22 since it means that your work is at home and you have to separate the two. Getting it set up properly is the first step to ensuring that you will be comfortable when you work and still having it apart from the rest of your home. There are definitely benefits to working from home; some are more obvious than others:

  • Save on the commute time and gas.
  • Save on office space, if you were renting.
  • Make your own hours.
  • You might be eligible for tax breaks for using part of your home as your office.

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