Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. Hobart is located close to the southeast coast of Tasmania on the Derwent River which leads out to the Tasman Sea. As you can see from the close up map, there are many inlets and bays all around the city. It is Tasmania’s most populated city with over 200,000 residents. Much of the city’s property is waterfront or on reclaimed land. It is a very picturesque place to live; the city’s backdrop to the west is Mount Wellington. There is a lot of history in Hobart, it is Australia’s 2nd oldest capital city after Sydney and was originally founded as a penal colony in 1804. Hobart has come a long way since then and is a thriving and interesting city to live in. Today Hobart is a busy seaport and its economy relies on the sea. It is the home port for the Antarctic imports and exports for Australia and France. There is a big cruise ship business in the port during the summer months. Tourism plays a big part in Hobart’s economy. Most recently the wine industry has begun to take shape in the countryside areas near the city. Continue reading

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