If you have ever seen the HGTV show called Flip or Flop, you were probably inspired to either run out and buy a new house just to remodel it or, at the very least, make some design changes and do some remodeling of your own.  It is a show that airs on HGTV and is also featured on HGTV.com where a young couple of real estate agents have turned into home investors. They purchase old, run down homes and then they rebuild them, make improvements, and change the design. Then, they turn around and sell the house for usually a hefty profit. When you watch this show, it is definitely exciting to see them turn rundown and dilapidated homes into design masterpieces.  It is definitely a good source for design inspiration and motivation where you can get some great redesign ideas for some of the older or drab areas of your own home.  The bonus is that the original state of the houses they usually buy will never make you feel bad about your lack of housekeeping. Continue reading

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