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How to Hide Eyesores when Staging Your Home for Sale

How to Hide Eyesores when Staging Your Home for Sale

When you are planning to sell your home, there are very specific things you must do to stage your home for sale. When you are still living in your home, it is very difficult to keep everything organised, clean, and free of clutter. Today we have 20 ideas from HGTV that will help you organise your home, stage it for sale, and likely even increase the value of your home because it will be looking so nice! You will want to save some of these ideas for your new home too, they are really great ideas for hiding eyesores.

Hiding Laundry Bins

The laundry room is one of those areas of the home that can easily appear cluttered and, in such a small space, you really need some help hiding eyesores. These bins are a great way to separate your laundry or hide all of your laundry supplies.

Hang Art Down Low

You might always think that you can only hang art up high or at eye level, but when covering an eyesore, you can follow an example like this one and hang it lower when you use it in conjunction with another furniture piece.

Hiding Magazines

Instead of neatly stacking your magazines or using an old magazine rack, try displaying them in a chic weathered wood box.

Do Away with Pantry Packages

This is a decluttering and organisation trick that you can take with you when you move. However, in the meantime, it definitely makes your pantry look appealing and so organised. The clear storage is also very effective in keeping you on top of when you need to buy more of your pantry staples.

Hide Your Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are one of those designs from the 1970s and 1980s that really make you question why you ever thought this was a good idea. The second time you are usually questioning your choice about popcorn ceilings is when you have to clean up the mess after scraping them off. Instead of dealing with the mess, just hide those ceilings with paneling that matches your crown mouldings.

Hide the Bathroom Radiator

When your radiator is in the bathroom, it can be a real eyesore. Instead of ignoring it, cover it up with a beautiful and efficient shelving unit like the one pictured above.

Hanging Tapestry

Depending on your decor, a tapestry might be just the thing to hang that will cover up something on the wall that you need to get to often like the thermostat or circuit breaker box. It covers up something that can be an eyesore but still allows you to easily get to it without having to move a picture each time.

Wallpaper Your Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is an eyesore because of dents or scratches, you can turn that eyesore into a funky focal point of your kitchen with wall paper.

Appliance Decals

Appliance decals are another great way of hiding scratches and dents on your appliances while also making them look more modern or match your other appliances.

Baskets for Containers

Instead of a boring old style clothing hamper, why not use a chic basket instead? It can help tie in the decor of your bathroom or any other room you keep your hamper in. If you get a set of matching baskets, you can use them in any room for other storage purposes like toys, shoes, or other items that can add clutter. It completely conceals whatever you put in it.

Book Covers

If you want to keep books on display, you can use book covers to make them match the room, be more colourful, or just to keep the titles private from guests.

Conceal Electronics while Charging

Instead of having your electronics out on the counters while charging, if you have the outlet moved into a drawer, then you can hide them away inside the drawer

Decorate Closet Doors

Old closet doors are some of the most unappealing doors there are. It can really date your house or the room they are in. Instead of letting them bring the room down, make them a fantastic focal point by lining them with decorative fabrics that match the colours of the room.

Hide Away Cords and Speakers for Your Entertainment Centre

You can custom build a beautiful shelf like this one. It will hide away all of the cords that come with your television and entertainment centre in your living room as well as concealing the speakers too. As an added bonus, it adds seating space or just another decorative area.

Pantry Bins

The dollar store saves the day again with this great bins that you can use to organise your pantry. These bins are even labeled to make things more organised and eliminates a great deal of clutter. Even when clutter is behind a pantry door, it still is clutter. When showing your home for sale, potential buyers will want to see the pantry space and if you are still living in the house and the pantry is full, it should look as organised and appealing as possible.

Cover Counters in Fabric

If your counters are less than desirable, instead of paying a large expense to fix or replace them, why not just lay a table runner on them? A table runner hides the eyesore and also adds some great interest to the space.

Cover a Stair Case with Fabric

Just as with your counters, if your stairs are an eyesore, you can add a runner of fabric to them and add a table runner, which can save considerable amount of money since you can usually find them at a very inexpensive price. Be sure to tack down the fabric properly so that it will be safe.

Fireplace Cover

Building a fireplace covering like this one is a great way to make the space look clean and inviting.

Shoebox Organisation

Shoe boxes like these can be found at a craft store and then you can keep all of your shoes (or other things) in your uniform shoe boxes so that the display doesn’t look cluttered or messy. In this example, they put a picture of each shoe inside the box as a labeling system.

Kitchen Garbage Storage

A kitchen island like this one is a great place to hide your kitchen garbage bins. Chances are the extra storage layer will also conceal any odours that might come from the garbage. The whole look is very clean and sleek for your kitchen.

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