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Vacation Home Spots in Australia Part Two

Vacation Home Spots in Australia Part Two

This is part two in our series on the best places in Australia for vacation homes. Here on the Budget Trucks Blog, we often highlight cities to move to but now we are featuring the best cities to have a vacation home in. If you are planning on a vacation home, you likely want to find some place to relax, have fun, or an adventure away from all of the hustle and bustle of city life. In part one of our vacation home series we featured the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Mackay on the coast of Queensland, Port Douglas in the Tropical Far North of Queensland, and Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, Victoria. Here are four more places where you might choose to make your vacation home: Margaret River Region in Western Australia, Bruny Island in Tasmania, Shark Bay in Western Australia, and the Australian Alps.

  1. Margaret River Region

Margaret River Region Photo Credit:


Bonarup Karri Forest Photo Credit:


Lake Cave Photo Credit:


Off the Coast of Margaret River Photo Credit: Surf Life Savers of Western Australia

The Margaret River Region is located on the southern coast of Western Australia. It is about a 3 hour drive south of Perth. The region is known for its fabulous vineyards and rich soil that produces not only delicious wines, but also amazing local delicacies that make this a mecca for foodies from all over Australia as well as all over the world. In addition to the beautiful wineries and scenery that comes along with that, Margaret River has beautiful beaches, waves for surfing and playing, and then there is the Bonarup Karri Forest to the west with a brilliant cave system to explore underneath.

Hiring a Truck in the Margaret River Region


Margaret River Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

The Margaret River is about a three hour drive south from the capital city of Perth. That is the largest city in Western Australia so there are many different truck rental locations in the Perth  and surrounds where you can hire a moving truck or van, or a 4WD vehicle and travel down to the Margaret River Region. However you can also hire a truck from nearby Bunbury  just north of the Margaret River. Or you can choose to hire a truck in Esperance  if you are coming from the southern coast. On this route,  you will pass potential vacation destinations at 5 different national parks along with way to the Margaret River Region. You will definitely want your own rental vehicle when in the Margaret River Region, Perth, and surrounds because it allows you to see what you want to see when you want and come and go as you please. Even when you aren’t in need of a moving truck or van, a four wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle is needed throughout most of Western Australia. Click on any of the links to get a great truck rental price quote. When you are planning out your trip, consult with our expert agents, they can help you pick the right vehicle for your needs and the rugged Western Australian terrain. While exploring this region, check out some of our previous blog posts from our Budget Travel Trips Blog for ideas on what to do here:

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Your Taste Buds will Enjoy the Margaret River Gourmet Escape

  1. Bruny Island, Tasmania


Bruny Island Cruise Photo Credit:


Scenes from Bruny Island Photo Credit:


Scenes from Bruny Island Photo Credit:


Bruny Island Photo Credit:

Bruny Island is a beautiful holiday destination just south of Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart. Bruny Island is a wilderness getaway known for watching the wildlife, locally grown delicious food, and unique landscapes. Cruising around the island is one of the most popular things to do so that you can see fur seals, fairy penguins, birds, whales, and marine life. On the island, you can spot white wallabies and echidnas. While on the island, dine on the local delicacies like wine, chocolate, and more.

Hiring a Moving Truck to Get to Bruny Island


City of Hobart Truck Hire Map Photo Credit:

Hobart is in the southwest corner of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. Bruny Island is a little less than a 2 hour drive south of Hobart. Since Hobart  is a hub city in Tasmania, there are two car rental locations in Hobart. You can hire a car in the city of Hobart  or at the Hobart International Airport.  Much of Tasmania is rugged terrain so you might need a 4WD vehicle; talk to your Budget Trucks representative and they can help recommend the right moving van or truck for you. Also, when you let your agent know where you are going they can provide you with maps, local tips, and driving instructions. While in Hobart, check out these other blog posts from the Budget Travel Blog for tips on what to do on holiday there:

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The Tarkine Rainforest Walk

  1. Shark Bay


Shark Bay Lagoons Photo Credit:


Shark Bay Photo Credit:


Shark Bay Photo Credit:


Shark Bay Photo Credit:

Shark Bay is a beautiful place to visit with beautiful azure blue and turquoise waters. Despite the ominous sounding name, the shallow and calm waters are great for swimming in and exploring the ocean life below. All of the waterways, inlets,peninsulas, and surrounding islands make a natural barrier to many of the larger predators in deeper water. Five different endangered animals call the water and land in Shark Bay home. It is one of the reasons it is a World Heritage Listed site. A vacation home here is a great idea. There are resorts here but also residences in nearby Denham where there are less than 1,000 permanent residents who live there.  Other Shark Bay activities other than swimming include dolphin interactions on the beach at Monkey Mia Resort, camping, nearby national parks, and the Shark Bay Discovery Centre.

Hiring a Truck to Get to Shark Bay


Carnarvon Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

The Shark Bay area is located at the westernmost point in Australia in Western Australia. It is a little over 330 kilometres south of Carnarvon. You can hire a truck in Carnarvon and there is also an airport located there. It is a little over a four hour drive up the beautiful Coral Coast. If you are coming from the south, there are car rental locations in Geraldton  and the Geraldton Airport. The drive up to Shark Bay from Geraldton is a little bit longer; slightly over 400 kilometres and about a 5 hour drive up the coast. Please be sure to check with your truck rental agent for any helpful driving and safety tips and a list of restricted areas. Here are some other nearby holiday ideas from our Budget Travel Tips Blog:

Shark Bay

Kalbarri National Park

Broome Western Australia

Swimming Experience of a Lifetime at Ningaloo Reef

Coral Coast Road Trip

Glamping in Western Australia

Karijini National Park

Australia’s National Wonders

  1. Australian Alps


Mount Hotham Resort Photo Credit:


Murray to Mountains Rail Trail on the Great Alpine Road Photo Credit:


Omeo Photo Credit:


Dinner Plain in the summer time photo credit: Wikipedia

The Australian Alps run through the southeast corner of Australia and go through Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. The range is the highest in Australia and include the Snowy Mountains and Victorian Alps as well as several national parks including namadgi National Park, Alpine National Park, Snowy River National Park, Kosciuszko National Park, and Australian Alps National Park. This region is beautiful year round so you can experience the mountains during winter when they are topped with snow or during the summer when your can experience the fresh mountain air with a host of activities. There are many different mountain towns in the Australian Alps where you can find a beautiful vacation home. There is no shortage of places to choose in this great holiday destination.

Hiring a Truck to get to the Australian Alps


Australian Alps Truck Hire Locations Photo Credit:

The Australian Alps can be a great vacation home and is close to the major cities of Melbourne in Victoria, Sydney in New South Wales, or Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. So you can hire out a moving truck from either of those cities to make your way to your destination in the Australian Alps. You can also use Budget Trucks to rent a vehicle that is perfect for traversing mountain roads and we now also have snow covers for safe winter travel. Click here for a quick and easy rate quote for hiring a truck or 4WD vehicle near Melbourne. Click here to see a great price for hiring a vehicle or moving van in Canberra. Click here to see about hiring a truck near Sydney. While in the mountain regions of Australia, check out these holiday ideas from our Budget Travel Tips Blog:

Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains

Snowy Valley Way: Scenic Drive in the Snowy Mountains

Scenic Drives in the Snowy Mountains

Alpine National Park

Australian Alps National Park

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Soar High in Namadgi National Park

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Stay tuned next week for part three of our vacation home destination series where we will highlight some more places you might consider for an Australian vacation home like Surfers Paradise, Kangaroo Island, Byron Bay, and Ningaloo Reef.

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