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City Spotlight: Moving to Bundaberg, Queensland

City Spotlight: Moving to Bundaberg, Queensland

Bundaberg is a city located close to the Queensland coast in between Brisbane and Rockhampton. There is quite a bit of history in the city and how it has evolved into a big tourism hub for the Great Barrier Reef. Bundaberg was first surveyed in 1870 and became a city in 1913. As a result, there are many historical buildings in the city. Even though Bundaberg has experienced a great deal of growth, it still maintains a relaxed atmosphere with a natural charm. The city has plenty of parks and natural landscape. Residents and visitors alike can participate in the city’s recreational, educational, cultural and sporting facilities. In addition, there are plenty of shopping opportunities and a wide variety of restaurants and eateries. The combination of the equable climate of the region, amenities, relaxed lifestyle and low cost of living make Bundaberg an appealing choice for new residents.


Central Bundaberg Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Nicolaroch – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Bundaberg Post Office in 1948 Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Bourbong CBD in Bundaberg Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Bundaberg Industry


Burnett River Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Great Barrier Reef Photo Credit: Google Maps


Snorkelling in Bundaberg Photo Credit:

If you are moving to Bundaberg for a job, chances are it is in the sugar industry or the tourism industry. Bundaberg is known as the southern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Of course, that means so much to do and so many opportunities for locals to work in the tourism industry.

There are also four national parks near Bundaberg: Cania Gorge National Park, Deepwater National Park, Eurimbula National Park, and Kinkuna National Park. The large amounts of beaches are a great choice for residents and visitors alike. One of the top tourism draws for the city is its close proximity to Mon Repos Conservation Park which hosts the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the Eastern Australian mainland. In addition to that, it has the most significant Loggerhead turtle nesting population in the entire South Pacific. Turtle nesting season runs from November until January and the hatchlings season is January until March. Long before the large tourism industry for the Great Barrier Reef was established, Bundaberg and the entire region has been dependent on the local sugar industry. Sugar cane fields grow in abundance in this region. In addition to growing sugar, there are mills and distribution centres throughout the city. The Burnett River serves as a bulk terminal for the export of sugar.

Bundaberg Climate


Bundaberg Climate Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Bundaberg has a subtropical climate. The winters are mild and the summers are hot, humid, and rainy. The average high temperature in the summer ranges between 28°C and 30°C. The average low temperature in the winter ranges between 9°C and 11°C. Occasional frosts can occur inland. The city gets an average yearly rainfall of 1,142 mm.

Hiring a Moving Truck in Bundaberg


Bundaberg Map Photo Credit: Google Maps


Bundaberg Moving Truck Rental Photo Credit:

If you are already in Bundaberg, you can hire a moving truck from our Budget Truck Rental in Bundaberg city  or the truck rental location at the Bundaberg Airport.  If you are moving from Brisbane, you can hire a moving truck or van at one of our many Brisbane Truck Rental locations. Other nearby truck rental cities where you might also rent your moving truck from include Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, or Rockhampton. Plan ahead when you are moving and visit our website to book early. Make sure to take advantage of the moving truck rental specials we run on a regular basis. Since tourism is a big part of Bundaberg, you can read about things to do in Bundaberg and surrounds from our travel blog:

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Tips for Moving to Bundaberg, Queensland or any City in Australia

These are some general moving tips and advice if you are moving to any city in Australia. The important thing is to plan ahead, get organised, and don’t wait for the last minute when you are moving.

  • Make sure your passport is valid and up-to-date. Obtain a visa if you are going to need one.
  • Get an international free email address so that you will be able to keep in touch. Checkout Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.
  • Connect with a relocation agent to help you find a job and a place to live.
  • Start going through your clothing and other belongings to see what you can sell or giveaway before it’s time to pack.
  • If you are moving from another country, check the compatibility of your appliances. Australia uses voltage 220-240 volts.
  • Start to inventory the items you are taking and see if you have receipts for those items.
  • Start getting quotes for renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company and decide which one is best for you.
  • Ask about the cost marine insurance. This is based on the value of the things you are taking.
  • Take pictures of everything you are moving, especially the more expensive items to keep a record for insurance purposes.
  • Make a checklist and a calendar and stick to them.

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