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City Spotlight: Moving to Alice Springs

City Spotlight: Moving to Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the 3rd largest city in the Northern Territory; but it is probably better known that Darwin or Katherine. Alice Springs goes by many names like “The City in the Outback”, “The Alice”, or just “Alice”. The Arrernte People (pronounced Arrenda) are the original land owners of this place and they call it Mparntwe. Alice Springs is located in the centre of the country, also known as The Red Centre. It is a very dry and arid town situated across the Todd River, which is usually dry. The MacDonnell Ranges are location to the south and the Simpson Desert is adjacent to the town. The economy is driven by the mining industry and tourism. The largest employer in Alice Springs is the Northern Territory Government.


Alice Springs Panorama Photo Credit: “Alice Springs Panorama” by Ben Tillman – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons


The springs that give Alice Springs its name Photo Credit: “Alice Springs”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Hiring a Moving Truck in Alice Springs


Alice Springs Map Photo Credit: Google Maps


Alice Springs Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

There are two Budget Truck Rental locations in Alice Springs. When moving to Central Australia, there is a central business district where you can get your business done. You can hire a truck at Alice Springs in the city  or hire a truck right at the Alice Springs Airport. Look for truck rental deals and remember that we have more than just moving trucks and moving vans, so if you have a moving job in town, we’ve got you covered for that. In addition, renting utility trucks, utes, or 4WD vehicles is also great for a holiday in the outback or in the MacDonnell Ranges.

Alice Springs’ Climate


Alice Springs Climate Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Alice Springs’ climate is dry and arid. What is surprising is the range of temperatures between summer and winter here. The average maximum temperature in summer of 35.6 °C (96.1 °F) and an average minimum temperature in winter of 5.1 °C (41.2 °F). It is one of the few places in Australia with such extreme temperature changes where it can be freezing in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer. There are only 43 rainy days per year on average. Unlike the other cities in the northern top end of the territory, there is no wet and dry season; here it is just mostly dry.

Things to Do in Alice Springs


Uluru Camel Tours Photo Credit:

Whenever you are moving to a new city, it is always a great idea to explore the things to do in that city and the surrounding area. Locals say that the surprising amount of things to do here is what makes living here so great. Don’t think of Central Australia as a barren desert land filled with nothing but red sand. It is quite the opposite, in fact with so much to see and do. Outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled with the plethora of outdoor activities available all year round. Here are some of the things to do in Alice Springs and surrounds:


Alice Springs Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre Photo Credit:

  • Learn about Aboriginal Art and Culture: The original land owners, the Arrernte still make this region their home. They offer tours of all types and are eager to share their culture and their history with you.


The Larapinta Trail Photo Credit:

  • Hike the Larapinta Trail: The Larapinta Trail is a big tourist attraction for the region. I tis a primary reason that hikers and trekkers come to the area. The challenging walking track runs through the Alice Springs surrounds through the West MacDonnell mountain ranges as well as West MacDonnell National Park. It is a multi-day trek covering 223 km. Locals can break it up into the 12 sections of the trail; then you can see the whole thing over time and choose your own favorite parts. Guided walking tours are also available.


Gosse Bluff in the West MacDonnell Ranges Photo Credit:

  • Explore the West MacDonnell Ranges: The Larapinta Trail takes you through the West MacDonnell Ranges and West MacDonnell National Park. Within the ranges and the National Park, there are plenty other sites that can be on your list for weekend getaways including:


    • Finke River
    • Simpsons Gap
    • Standley Chasm
    • Ellery Creek Bighole
    • Serpentine Gorge
    • Ochre Pits
    • Ormiston Pound
    • Redbank Gorge
    • Glen Helen Gorge



Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park Caterpillar Dreaming Aboriginal Painting Photo credit:


  • Explore the East MacDonnell Ranges: Alice Springs falls in between the East and West MacDonnell Ranges. Sites within the East MacDonnell Ranges and East MacDonnell National Park include the Arltunga Historical Reserve where you can find hotel accommodations and campsites, Trephina Gorge, Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park, Corroboree Rock, Ross River Resort, Ruby Gap, N’Dhala Gorge Nature Reserve, Gemtree, Chambers Pillar, and the Rainbow Valley. Any of these destination can be part of a holiday tour through the ranges or a day trip destination.



Camel Riding Tours Photo Credit:


  • Take a Camel Riding Tour: Camel riding is a popular activity and one of those things unique to the Australian outback.



Outback Safari Photo Credit:


  • Go on an Outback Safari Adventure: Even if you are unfamiliar with the region or the territory, there are plenty of safari companies here that take you on guided tours.



Thorny Devil at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre Photo Credit:


  • Visit the Alice Springs Reptile Centre: Learn about the indigenous reptiles of the region at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, which is located just 10 minutes south of the town. The aim of the Reptile Centre is to build awareness and allow interaction with the reptiles they have on site with hands on interactions, daily shows, and informative talks. The centre houses a robust collection of reptiles including Terry the Saltwater Crocodile, HUGE Perentie Goannas, Thorny Devils, Frill-neck Lizards and other reptiles from all over the Northern Territory.



Olive Pink Botanic Garden Photo Credit:


  • Enjoy the Olive Pink Botanic Garden and see the flowers and plants that thrive in one of the driest environments in Australia.



Alice Springs Desert Park Photo Credit:


  • Alice Springs Desert Park: Alice Springs Desert Park is a fun way to learn about the plants and animals that are native to the desert region. They specialize in educating the public about the animals and resources in the desert and specialize in conservation education. Residents and locals, especially those just moving to the area can familiarise themselves with so much about their new home here.



Finke Gorge National Park Photo Credit:


  • Go Adventuring in Finke Gorge National Park: The Finke River is thought to be one of the oldest rivers in the world. This park is home to groves of rare red cabbage trees, which are remnants from millions of years ago when this barren desert region was a tropical forest. In addition to marveling at the unique landscape history here, the park is great for day trips or overnight camping adventures. There are biking and hiking trails that are popular fun things to do here. The park is only accessible by 4WD vehicles, so if you don’t have one, hire one out at Budget Trucks for your trip.



Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park Photo Credit: Wikipedia


  • Hike Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park: Yet another big draw to the area is Kings Canyon where erosion has built the canyon and its 100+ metre high walls. Helicopter tours, quad ride tours, and camel riding tours are popular here for those who don’t hike or do mountain climbing. There are also walking trails throughout the park that don’t require mountain climbing skills.



Rainbow Valley Photo Credit:


  • Witness Nature’s Fury and Beauty on a day trip to the Rainbow Valley: This is a magnificent day trip for locals. The beauty of the different colours only pales in comparison to the rich history of this ancient land.



Glamping Longitude 131° Photo Credit:


  • Marvel at Uluru (Ayers Rock)  and Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park: You can’t be this close to Uluru, the largest monolith rock in Australia, and not visit here. It is a truly magical place filled with Aboriginal culture and history. Together with the Kata Tjuta rock formations, they form the centrepieces of the national park located just a 6 hour drive south west of Alice Springs. Here, you can explore the sites, learn about the Aboriginal culture’s dreaming stories, camp out under the stars, and it is even a popular place for destination weddings!
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