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City Spotlights Moving to Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, or Hobart

City Spotlights Moving to Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, or Hobart

Over the last year, we have been highlighting some of the most popular cities in Australia where you might choose to move to. In our first recap series, we featured city spotlights in Queensland: Brisbane, Toowoomba, Cairns, Townsville, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. In our second recap, we featured city spotlights where you might move to in New South Wales  including Sydney, Wollongong, Maitland, Newcastle, and Tweed Heads. In our 3rd Australian city recap  of cities we covered Canberra in Australian Capital Territory  as well as Melbourne  and Geelong  in Victoria. Now, our last recap will help you out if you are moving to Perth in Western Australia, Adelaide in South Australia, Darwin in the Northern Territory, or Hobart, Tasmania. Now, we will be recapping some of the most popular cities in the other, less populated states and territories that we have previous covered. If you are moving to any of these cities, we hope that this guide and the related detailed posts for each city will help you make a decision or learn about your new city and the easiest way to hire a moving truck to move there.

Moving to Perth, Western Australia


Perth Skyline Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Perth  is a growing city and is a popular destination to move to in Western Australia. It is the 4th largest city in Australia by population with about 2 million residents and is Western Australia’s most populated city. Even though much of Western Australia is sparsely populated, Perth boasts a big city life. Residents are able to enjoy the best of both worlds. It is near the coast, so the beaches are not far away. South of Perth is the Margaret River Region, one of Australia’s oldest wine countries. Other rugged and rural destinations are not far away at all including forestlands and outback.


Perth City Photo Credit:

Perth residents are known as Perthies and they are usually laid back and have a great attitude. The weather is temperate with mild winters and warm sunshine the rest of the year, which makes for great beach weather. One of the first steps when moving to Perth is to narrow down where you want to move by picking a suburb. There are so many, you might need to choose based on where you want to live versus how much of a commute to work you are willing to make. The suburbs span from Two Rocks in the north to Rockingham in the south. To the east, you have The Lakes, and the port city is Fremantle. There is the city centre business district and also some of the first settled areas were right on the Swan River.

Renting a Moving Truck in Perth


Perth Moving Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:


Western Australia Map Photo Credit: Google Maps


Perth Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

There are a few moving truck hire locations in Perth to make it convenient to pick up your truck and move into your new Perth home. Some of the truck hire locations include Perth City,Perth North – Balcatta, and Perth South – Fremantle. There are different moving trucks and vans available for rental. Ask for special deals and plan for one way or return trip rentals depending on your needs.

Moving to Adelaide, South Australia


Adelaide city centre over the Torrens Lake


Rundle Street Photo Credit:

Adelaide  is a coastal city in South Australia. It is the 5th largest city in Australia and has over 1 million residents. It is the capital of South Australia and is split into two main geographical sections. The first section is the city “square mile”, which is bordered North, East, South, and West Terraces. The second section is Adelaide Parklands. The parklands are built up around the city adjacent to the surrounding suburbs.


Adelaide Photo Credit:

Adelaide is considered a “20 minute city”, which means that you can reach any destination in the city from another destination within 20 minutes. This is generally the case with the exception of heavy traffic times. Adelaide is known for its festivals, food, art, culture, shopping and sports. There are plenty of beach options nearby, so if you want to live near the beach, Adelaide is a good choice. The metropolitan beaches near Adelaide include the beaches on the Gulf St. Vincent, West Beach, Henley Beach, Glenelg Beach, and Semaphore Beach are all very near the city. In addition to those nearby metropolitan beaches, there are the York Peninsula beaches and Kangaroo Island.

Renting a Moving Truck in Adelaide


Adelaide Map Photo Credit: Google Maps


Adelaide Truck Hire Map Photo Credit:


If you are moving within Adelaide, you can choose from one of the 3 Budget Trucks rental locations depending on which one is closest to your location. If you are migrating from elsewhere in Australia, you can always hire your commercial truck vehicle near your origination and then return the truck at one of the Adelaide moving truck rental locations. Moving truck locations in Adelaide include Adelaide City, and the Adelaide Airport.

Moving to Darwin, Northern Territory


Darwin Skyline Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Darwin  is one of the only “cities” in the Northern Territory. There is a city centre, shopping, and beaches. Plus, you are close to all the rugged terrain and national parks of the Northern Territory. It’s a tropical city that is known for being a melting pot of culture and foods. Many different festivals are held in Darwin, so there is almost always something to do. The lifestyle in Darwin  is laid back and multicultural, being so close to Asia and Polynesia, means that people from many different cultures and nationalities have made Darwin their home. It is often considered Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, its residents include more than 60 nationalities and 70 different ethnic backgrounds.


Living in Darwin photo credit:

There really are only two seasons in Darwin, the wet season and the dry season. The dry season is in the winter time and the wet season falls during summer, when it can be quite hot and humid. Even Darwin’s winters are very warm in comparison to Australian cities further south in New South Wales or Victoria. Average highs in the summer months range between 31 and 33 degrees C. Average lows in the winter months range between 19 and 20 degrees C. The wet season is October through April and rainfall can reach over 400 mm per month in the wettest months.


Mindil Beach Markets Photo Credit: Wikipedia

There are plenty of housing options available in Darwin whether you are staying here temporarily, as a student, or permanently. Single person and family homes or rental properties are readily available. Public transportation is the DarwinBus and fare is $3.00. If you have your own vehicle or a rental, traffic is never a problem in this small city. Since there is a pretty good tourism industry here, there is almost always something to do, especially if you like adventure and the outdoors. There are open air markets on Mindil Beach, the Smith Street Mall, and even a large indoor shopping mall in Casaurina. Sunset picnics on the beach are very popular for locals and tourists alike. Mindil Beach is near Darwin’s central business district and is a great meeting place for shopping and then spending time on the beach watching the sunset. The benefit of a small city is that it is easy to get around with much in walking distance.

Hiring a Moving Truck in Darwin


Darwin Map Photo Credit: Google Maps


Darwin Truck Hire Map Photo Credit:


If you are moving to Darwin or within Darwin, there are two truck rental locations in Darwin. There is one Budget Truck rental location at the Darwin Airport and a second moving truck rental location in the city of Darwin. We offer a large variety of moving trucks and moving vans in different sizes as well as utility vehicles, 4WD vehicles for touring the rugged terrains around Darwin and the Top End, and passenger vans and buses for taking friends, family, and visitors around town.



Moving to Hobart in Tasmania


Hobart Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Bruny Island Cruise Photo Credit:


Mount Wellington Photo Credit: Wikipedia’


Hobart  is the capital city of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. Hobart is located close to the southeast coast of Tasmania on the Derwent River which leads out to the Tasman Sea. As you can see from the close up map, there are many inlets and bays all around the city. It is Tasmania’s most populated city with over 200,000 residents. Much of the city’s property is waterfront or on reclaimed land. It is a very picturesque place to live; the city’s backdrop to the west is Mount Wellington. Hobart is a busy seaport and its economy relies on the sea. It is the home port for the Antarctic imports and exports for Australia and France. There is a big cruise ship business in the port during the summer months. Tourism plays a big part in Hobart’s economy. Most recently the wine industry has begun to take shape in the countryside areas near the city.


Hiring a Moving Truck in Hobart


Hobart Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:


Map of Tasmania Photo Credit: Google Maps


The truck hire location in Hobart is centrally located in the city. It is easy and convenient to hire a moving truck and get to anywhere in the city quickly. In addition to moving trucks, we also have a wide variety of utility and 4WD vehicles available for hire. If you are planning on travelling around Tasmania or going on a drive holiday, we have the right vehicles to keep you safe and get you where you want to go in Tasmania.
We hope you have enjoyed our series spotlights on Australian cities. We plan to highlight more cities in the future. Are you moving to a new city in Australia? Let us know if you would like details on any other Australian cities that we have yet to cover.

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