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Kitchen Island Makeovers

Kitchen Island Makeovers

The kitchen island is often one of the most important design elements of a kitchen. They can serve multiple purposes depending on the design of yours. When moving into a new home, it is the ideal time to take on a renovation or construction project before you move in along with all of your furniture and things. In searching for new home designs, I was surprised to see how many Pinterest posts on home kitchen design were focused on the kitchen island. No matter the space, type of design, or need you have, there is a kitchen island for you. Here are 15 ideas for different designs for the kitchen island in your new home.

Kitchen Island Banquet


Banquet Kitchen Island Photo Credit: Pinterest

Some kitchen islands can be more than just an island prep station. In this case, the back of the kitchen island doubles as seating for the kitchen table. It is a great way to capitalize on the lack of space for a full kitchen table space. If you look carefully, though, this amazingly clever banquet design includes storage cabinets on the side and under the seating.

Kitchen Island Bar Seating


Bar Seating Kitchen Island Photo Credit: Pinterest

This kitchen island concept is similar with the seating aspect. Instead of a bench for the kitchen table, this kitchen island doubles as a bar with counter seating and some fun stools. It is great for quick breakfasts or a cool place for guests to sit while you prepare a meal for them. In this design, notice the bar is wide enough for kitchen prep on one side and hor d’oeuvres or appetizers on the other side.

Hidden Stools Kitchen Island


Seamless Kitchen Island Photo Credit:

This is an excellent idea if storage isn’t a problem but space is. Instead of using the island to store your kitchen tools, you can store your kitchen stools under it while not in use.This makes for an excellent design element and keeps stool legs out of the way all the time.

Kitchen Island Storage


Display Cabinet Kitchen Island Photo Credit: Pinterest

This kitchen island is also a decorative storage unit. In this example, it is being used as a liquor cabinet. Of course, you can choose to put anything in it whether it is on display behind glass, or covered up in solid doors. The idea of storage under the kitchen island is an excellent way to make more room and reduce clutter on top of the kitchen counters.

Kitchen Island Wine Rack


Wine Rack Kitchen Island Photo Credit: Pinterest

How much fun is this unique design kitchen island? The end is a wine rack, which is an excellent use of space. One side is the kitchen functional side of the island with a stove top, cutting board and counter space. The other side with counter seating is garnished with a beautiful piece of wood that separates the dining space on the kitchen island. This is a chic kitchen for entertaining.

Kitchen Island Mini Refrigerator


Mini Fridge Kitchen Island Photo Credit: Pinterest

Having storage under the kitchen island is a repetitive motif we have witnessed in many different kitchen island designs already. This takes storage to a new level with an extra mini-fridge under the kitchen island. This is great for keeping drinks and cold appetizers handy for guests. They will have easy access to these items without having to go on the other side of the kitchen where you are busy cooking.

Portable Kitchen Island


Portable Kitchen Island Photo Credit: Pinterest

This portable kitchen island is a great way to keep your island out of the way when you don’t need it and just pull it out when you need some extra counter space for certain meal prep. A great idea when you have guests over or two people cooking at once.

Mobile Kitchen Island


Mobile Kitchen Island Photo Credit:

This is another take on a mobile kitchen island. Instead of it hiding away under the counter space, this mobile counter space can go anywhere in the kitchen and act as storage when you aren’t using it. It’s so mobile, you can bring it outside when grilling or use it in any room for virtually anything.

Repurposed Kitchen Island


Repurposed Kitchen Island Photo Credit: Pinterest

Not all kitchen islands had to be an island originally in order to be used as one. In this case, this vintage desk makes a great kitchen island. There is even drawer space in it for storage. Adding the same countertops, paint and matching handles make this old dresser a brand new, functional island that also adds some great design flair to your kitchen.

Desk Kitchen Island


Greek Desk Kitchen Island Photo Credit:

Depending on your style kitch or your style desk, you can design around either one. In this case, a refurbished desk fits beautifully in this country kitchen as an island. It is open and airy and still works as storage as well as extra counter space or prep space.

Contrasting Colour Kitchen Island


Contrasting Colour Kitchen Island Photo Credit:

Since the kitchen island is usually a centrepiece, why not make it the focal point of the room too? This blue kitchen island really pops and brings out the other blue design accents used in this otherwise white kitchen. It is an excellent way to makeover your kitchen without touching anything else. Your kitchen will have a completely new look and feel.

Blue Island Rustic Kitchen


Rustic Kitchen Blue Island Photo Credit:

Blue is a popular trend in kitchen islands. It stands out well against woods or whites and is a beautiful centrepiece in this rustic kitchen. The seating side of the island is raised higher than the prep side, which helps delineate where the dining area is versus the prep area. It also gives guests a great vantage point and keeps the conversation with the cook flowing.

Dining Table Kitchen Island


Dining Table Kitchen Island Photo Credit:

If you are limited on space and can’t decide between a dining table or kitchen table and an island, this motif is perfect for you. The seats and the intimate spacing give this island more of a dining table vibe. However, when you need prep space or dish drying space, this island carries its double duty load just fine.

Bookcase Kitchen Island


Bookcase Kitchen Island Photo Credit:

If you need an island that solves a storage problem, check out this book case kitchen island idea. The book case doesn’t just have to be there for your cook books, but it works to house those as well as a number of other kitchen gadgets and supplies. The side of this bookcase even holds the pizza paddle.

Coloured Stools for the Kitchen Island


Coloured Stools for the Kitchen Island Photo Credit:
When you have a kitchen that is predominantly one colour, you can find different ways to add brightness. In this case, the brightly coloured stools add a fun lightness to the whole room. You could achieve a similar look with one colour for all the stools, but this rainbow effect is bright and lovely too. If you don’t have control over the colour in the kitchen and there isn’t the time or opportunity to change the colour, you can add colour in ways like this.


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