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How to Add Colour to Your New Home Design Using Prints

How to Add Colour to Your New Home Design Using Prints

Most people are afraid to use prints, stripes and colours when designing the rooms in your home. The design experts over at have given us a big helping hand with specific examples and tips of how to pull off some amazing designs using prints, stripes, and colours so that your new home design doesn’t have to look boring or bland; and at the same time, it’s not gaudy or overstated. Here are some specific examples and help from the experts:

Stripes for Sisters

Stripes For Sisters

You may not notice it right away, but there are two different blue paint colours on the wall. The cornflower colour is on the solid wall and is used in the first stripe closest to the solid blue wall and then turquoise is used to achieve a blue colour synergy that is hard to imagine without seeing it.

Striped Blue Baby Room

Baby Room Stripes

This baby boy’s room is simple and stunning. It makes for a beautiful oasis for baby and parents. The navy blue colour is very refreshing, not all baby boys’ rooms have to be a light baby blue.

Cool, Calm, & Relaxing

Bedroom Stripes - Prints

The light grey colours in this room make all the stripes and patterns give off a calm and relaxed feel. The small design on the headboard is eye catching and ties everything in together. The walls here are similar to the Ombre design we showed you in the last blog post, but this paint job has the white stripes in between each shade, further accenting the colour changes.

One Striped Wall

Bedroom Stipes

One painted stripe wall works so well in this bedroom. The wall colours match the bedding and all the colours in the room blend in as neutral. Just one striped wall works for this design, if all the walls were striped it would be too much and too busy.

Modern Living Room Design

Rug Stripes

The addition of patterns and stripes to the neutral colours of this living room help the whole thing come together. The orange accent pieces are just a small dash of colour that it needs. The area rug is an innovative new concept call rug tiles. Not only can you mix and match different piece to make one cohesive design, but you can wash or replace individual pieces as needed. Perfect for a stain or just a small change in the design.

Sailor Room for Little Boys

Kids Rooms - Stripes

Little boys and nautical themed bedrooms are a classic stand by that almost any little guy will love. The monogrammed initial on the wall makes the room just a little more preppy and also ties in the red colour that also appears on the headboard, on the sailboats in the quilt, paintings on the wall, and the one red throw pillow.

Chic Living Room

Living Room Stripes

This ultra-modern living room design has a chic vibe with the striped pain on the one section of wall. This is a great way to accentuate the differing levels in the wall rather than trying to hide it. The stripes are subtly echoed on the area rug. This room works together with all the shades of grey and then the light blue on the wall with the painted grey, white, and black stripes.

The Floor Show Bedroom

Bedroom Prints

Stripes aren’t just for walls. This striped area rug really stands out in this room without being too much. The patterned throw pillows and small blasts of red stand out and this whole room comes together beautifully. The black and white bedding and rug make an eye catching impact.

Pretty Sophisticated Patterned Out Bathroom

Bathroom Prints

Again with subtle colours and not too much patterned walls or objects, the look can be gorgeous. This bathroom with patterns on the wall and matching towels is lovely and sophisticated. Notice the rest of the design is neutral colours and simply designed.

Master Bedroom Soothing Yet Colourful

Master Bedroom Prints

In this example of a master bedroom, colours, stripes, and patterns add just the right amount of pizzazz without making the room too feminine or too boring. The neutral colours make for a calming and comforting environment for a master bedroom, but without the colours and patterns it would be too boring and missing some necessary style. The striped blanket matches the colours in the throw pillows which are patterned. If both were patterns or both were stripes, it would likely be too much.

Kid’s Room with Stripes

Kids Room - Prints

Kid’s rooms need to be colourful without looking too busy. In this room, the striped drapes are bright and compliment the neutral grey walls and mostly white bedding. The yellow blanket is picked up in the striped carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are not only fun for this contrasting look, but excellent for kid’s rooms because each tile can be washed or replaced if necessary.

The Home Office – Working with Patterns

Home Office Prints

A home office space needs to be functional but also comfortable to work in. Style elements can help inspire your creativity and prevent your from getting bored or lazy.

Cool Designs for a Hot Kitchen

Kitchen Prints

This kitchen design is open and simple. The immense amount of natural sunlight that this layout offers does a great deal of the design work for you. The simple elegance of this kitchen design offers up just a few ideas to sprinkle in some patterns and colour with the slip covers on the bar stools, area rug, and pretty flower vase. When you kitchen is open and roomy like this, it is welcoming for your guests. A big plus is that the colours of your food will remain vibrant and stand out.

Classic Prints for the Living Room

Living Room Prints

This living room is warm and relaxing. The centrepiece of the room is the zigzag arm chair. If you notice how the prints and stripes in this room are subtle colours and smaller objects with the exception of the herring bone design of the rug. Yet that still works well with the room and doesn’t appear overdone because of the subtle colour change and neutral colour of the rug.

Stunningly Striped Dining Room

Striped Dining Room

If the stripes on the dining room curtains look familiar, then you have a keen eye because the same fabric was used to cover the living room zigzag armchair. They are definitely striking when you walk in, but not overpowering because the rest of the room is subdued.

If you are afraid to use prints or patterns in your home design, starting from scratch when you move into a new home is a great opportunity to work with a blank palette. Use these tips and don’t over-do the patterns or colours. Just adding a splash of colour or a pop of patterns will stand out and never get old or outdated.

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