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City Spotlight: Moving to Darwin, Northern Territory

City Spotlight: Moving to Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin is the capital city in the Northern Territory of Australia and it is the most populated city in the remote Northern Territory. To give you an idea, it is the 15th most populated city in Australia. We have been featuring some of the other most popular cities that are growing in population and people are planning to move to. Darwin is located on the coast of the Timor Sea. Originally, it was a pioneer outpost and now it is the Top regional centre. It has a population over 136,000. Darwin is a sharp contrast from the rest of the Northern Territory which is quite sparse and remote. However, living in Darwin gives you access to all the rugged adventures of the Top End of the Northern Territory while still being in the city.

Darwin City

Darwin Skyline Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Renting a Moving Truck for a Move to Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin Map

Darwin Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Darwin Moving Truck Hire Map

Darwin Car Hire Map Photo Credit:

When you are moving within or to Darwin, Budget has two convenient locations to rent a moving truck or return a moving truck. You can hire a moving truck in Darwin city location or you can rent a moving van at the Darwin Airport. Both locations are close to Darwin and the surrounding cities.

Living in Darwin

Sunset Darwin

Sunset in Darwin Photo Credit:

Darwin is one of the only “cities” in the Northern Territory. There is a city centre, shopping, and beaches. Plus, you are close to all the rugged terrain and national parks of the Northern Territory. It’s a tropical city that is known for being a melting pot of culture and foods. Many different festivals are held in Darwin, so there is almost always something to do. The lifestyle in Darwin is laid back and multicultural, being so close to Asia and Polynesia, means that people from many different cultures and nationalities have made Darwin their home. It is often considered Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, its residents include more than 60 nationalities and 70 different ethnic backgrounds.

Things to Do in Darwin

Mindil Beach Market

Mindil Beach Markets Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina Beach Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Darwin Sunset

Sailing Club Sunset Photo Credit:

Sky City Pool

Sky City Pool in Darwin Photo Credit:

There is plenty to do in Darwin for locals and visitors alike. The beaches are a popular spot and a great place to cool off. You are close enough to many different national parks to spend time exploring them but at the same time, you are close to restaurants, markets, and festivals. Here are 5 of the top things to do in Darwin according to

1) Mindil Beach Sunset Markets
2) Sunset dinner cruise
3) Wave pool / Waterfront Precinct
4) Deckchair Cinema
5) Crocosaurus Cove

Industry in Darwin

Darwin - Consumer Index

Consumer Price Index for Darwin Photo Credit:

Government jobs make up more than half of employment in Darwin; they are around 60 per cent of the workforce. Other job industries here include tourism, fishing, and import / export.

Wards in Darwin

Darwin - Area Map

When you are moving to Darwin, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the sections, or wards of the city and surrounds. Darwin is split up into four main areas:

  • Inner Darwin  – known as Lyons Ward
  • North Darwin – known as Richardson Ward
  • East Darwin  – known as Waters Ward
  • West Darwin – known as Chan Ward

Original Land Owners in Darwin and the Northern Territory

Didgeridu and Clap Sticks

Didgeridoo and Clapstick Performed at the Seabreeze Festival Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The traditional land owners are the Larrakia people; they are active and prominent members of the community. Many of the Larrakia people still practice traditional beliefs and customs. A large part of the Northern Territory is Arnhem Land, which is run by the local Aboriginal People. They influence a great deal in the Top End of Australia and it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with their customs and rules when you are moving here.

Climate in Darwin

Darwin - Climate

Climate in Darwin Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Darwin - Storm

Darwin Stormy Night during the Wet Season Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The north of Australia is known as the “Tropical North” and the climate is warm and mostly wet. The temps are almost always hot and it is very humid. Severe weather regularly affects Darwin including gale force winds, flooding, electrical storms, and tropical cyclones. There is a distinct wet season and dry season all across the north of Australia. The wet season runs from December until May. There is an average of 75 rainy days during those 6 months. During the dry season from June to November, there are usually only about 20 rainy days. High temps throughout the year range between 30 °C and 32 °C. Average low temps range between 19 °C and 24 °C.

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