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Secrets to Cleaning and Staying Organised in Your Home

Secrets to Cleaning and Staying Organised in Your Home

HGTV’s home improvement star Sabrina Soto has some really great cleaning and organising tips for you. Many of these are great ideas that you can incorporate into the design of your new home to keep it clean and organised AND in style too.

Sabrina admits that she is a “neat freak” and cleans al the time. Her clean house even inspires others who visit her to go home and clean their home! Below are some visual images of some great ways to keep your home clean and organised while also staying in style. First, we explore the cleaning products she loves and keeps in her cleaning caddy:

Vaccum Attachment

Sabrina Vacuums under Her Couch Cushions Once a Week

  • Clean Multi-Surfaces Antibacterial liquid cleaner (for kitchen and bathroom countertops and floors)
  • Soft Scrub With Bleach cleanser (for toilets and bathroom sinks)
  • Method Squirt + Mop hard floor cleaner
  • Casabella squeegee (for streak-free windows)
  • Windex Original glass cleaner (for windows, mirrors and lamp bases)
  • Method Bathroom cleaner (for bathroom walls and showers)
  • OXO Good Grips grout brush
  • Workforce Small Soft-Grip scrub brush (for tubs and floors)
  • A clean toothbrush (for faucets and fixtures)
  • Casabella Eclipse lint roller (for stereo speakers)
  • Bon Ami powder cleanser (for tubs)
  • Tree Spirit Mineral Oil (for stainless steel appliances or surfaces)

Hidden Coffee Table Storage

Coffee Table Storage

When it is time to pick out new furniture for your new home, concentrate on getting some pieces that carry double duty. This coffee table allows you to hide items under it but still have easy access to them. We all have things that we want to keep out, but this is a great way to have them nearby without causing clutter.

Designer Boxes Add Additional Storage

Hidden Junk Drawer

These cute designer boxes she keeps on top of the table look like accent pieces, but they really are there to store cords, remotes and a few other things that don’t go underneath in the coffee table shelf.

Easy Rug Maintenance

Easy Rug Care

This is probably the most spectacular idea out of the whole lot. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before. Sabrina chooses this rug layout, not just for the fun geometric designs, but because each square of this rug is its own separate piece. They can be easily washed when they get dirty and if one gets a stain she can’t get out, she can just throw it out and replace the one square instead of the whole rug! These are called carpet tiles and are likely available at many rug places. Just ask them for a style they keep in stock or purchase extras ahead of time and keep them in storage until you need them. You can also find them at

Make the Bed Quickly

Easy Bed Making

Let’s face it, not everyone makes their bed every day. I bet you will make your bed more often with this easy trick. Sabrina says, “I pull the flat sheet all the way up and the blanket two thirds of the way up. Then I fold the sheet over the blanket and fold the duvet in half at the foot of the bed.”

Under-the-Mattress Storage

Under Mattress Storage

Whether you need storage or just want extra storage, this hinged bed with storage under the mattress is an amazing idea. Who doesn’t want extra storage? Extra storage is a bonus, especially when it doesn’t take up any extra room, extra storage is a big help towards keeping your new home neat and organised.

Get Your Closet All Sorted Out

Sorted Closet

Closet organisers are the best way to fit more in your closet and have it keep organised. Adding extra containers and extra organisation by sorting your clothes into categories is the best way to have everything kept even neater and a way to fit more in. Sabrina sorts everything by category and colour, which you can opt to do too. Another tip for keeping your closet neat and organised is to put seasonal items away in storage.

Home Office Space-Savers

Home Office Space Savers

The wall in your office can be a vertical desk. This way, everything has a place, it’s not cluttered and less is on your desk. Make sure to only have just what you need on your desk and your vertical desk. Make the best use of space saving files, drawers, etc.

Hanging Storage

Hanging Storage

You likely don’t need the same amount of pen or scissor holders, but I’m sure you get the idea. This set up saves a ton of space but does not look cluttered. Think about how you can use these ideas and this set up to organise your office supplies.

Place for Your Purse or Briefcase

Purse / Briefcase Storage

Keeping your purse or briefcase in the home office is an excellent idea. You will always know where it is ad it will never be in the way. Hanging here, it is easily accessible and won’t be knocked over spilling out all the contents. If your laptop or tablet is in it, then you can immediately take it out and start charging it right there in your home office space. Hanging from a large office clip, it’s not on the floor, doesn’t take up any desk or counter space, and it is never in the way.

A Little Cleaning Each Day

Bathroom Cleaning Tip

The final tip we have for you in keeping your new home clean and organised is to do a little bit each day. In this image, Sabrina explains that she wipes the mirror down with a damp microfiber cloth and a pritz of Windex. It only takes a couple minutes to do this each day and this way, your bathroom never has a chance to get dirty.

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