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Popular Four Wheel Drive Holiday Destinations in Australia

Popular Four Wheel Drive Holiday Destinations in Australia

Going on holiday in Australia often requires a four wheel drive vehicle to get you to where you want to go. We previously highlighted some of the best places for a four wheel drive holiday. Now we are back to give you some more great ideas for off-roading and four-wheeling holidays. Our Budget Trucks rental locations across Australia don’t only offer moving trucks, we also specialise in helping you find the right four wheel drive or off road vehicle that you need for your adventurous holiday. Each of our rental agents is also a local specialist that can help offer you tips and safety instructions to make the most out of your holiday and your 4WD vehicle rental. Check out these 3 destinations where you will want to rent a 4WD vehicle to get around in.

Canning Stock Route

Canning Stock Route

Canning Stock Route Map Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Canning Stock Route

Canning Stock Route Photo Credit:

Ghost Town

Gwalia Ghost Town and Museum Photo Credit:

Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route Photo Credit:

The Canning Stock Route is one of the most well-known 4WD tracks in Australia, and even to four-wheel drive enthusiasts around the world. It is remote, but that makes for great off-roading. The Canning Track takes you 1800 km from Halls Creek in the Kimberley region of Western Australia to Wiluna in the mid-west area of Western Australia. Suggested minimum travel time is 16 days and the best time to travel this route is between May and August. Along the route you can find water and supplies at some rest stops, but bring your own water and supplies because they are few and far-between. Durba Springs is a popular campsite along the route. Many stay here for an extra day or two to explore the landscape which has gorges, sheer cliffs, historical Aboriginal art sites, and hidden pools.

Renting a 4WD Vehicle in Western Australia for the Canning Stock Route

Broome Truck Rental Map

Canning Stock Route Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

You can hire a 4WD truck in nearby Broome for the Canning Stock Track. Broome is located on the west coast near Halls Creek where you start the track in the north. Click though to the link and get an easy rate quote online for the best truck rental rates in Western Australia. Also, consult with our agents for expert advice on travelling in Western Australia and safety guidelines.

Gunbarrel Highway

Gunbarrel Highway

Gunbarrel Highway in the Gibson Desert in Australia’s Northern Territory Photo Credit:

Gunbarrel Highway

Gunbarrel Highway Road Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Gunbarrel Highway is known as one of Australia’s most rugged four wheel drive tracks. Advanced level experience is recommended for this off-road adventure. The track runs from Wiluna in Western Australia to Yulara in Northern Territory; you will need to obtain permits from the Ngaanyatjarra and Central Land Councils before setting out on this journey. The distance is 1,420 km and recommended travel time is at least 4 days. The best time to travel this route in April to September. Do not drink from the bore holes in between the bush camps along the route. Along this journey, the sights to see include the Yelma Stockyard ruins, the views from Mount William Lambert, the Gnamma Rockholes and the Gile Weather Station.

Hiring a Car for the Gunbarrel Highway Track

Western Australia - Car Hire Map

Western Australia Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

When setting out on the Gunbarrel Highway in Western Australia, you can hire a 4WD truck at Geraldton, hire a truck at Budget in Kalgoorie, or rent a 4W truck in Perth. Depending on which location is closest to you, there are different options that make it more convenient.

Alice Springs Truck Hire Map

Alice Springs Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

Alice Springs is the Budget location where you can rent or return your 4WD truck rental. It is the nearest Budget location, about a 6 hour drive from Yulara. Of course, while in this area, you can extend your holiday to sights in Northern Territory near Alice Springs including Uluru – Kata-Tjuta National Park, the MacDonnell Ranges, and other spots in this desert region known as the Red Centre of Australia.

Birdsville Track

Birdsville Track - Map

Birdsville Track Map Photo Credit: Australia-4×

Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville Hotel at the end of the Birdsville Track Photo Credit:

The Birdsville Track was established in the 1860’s as a cattle route. The Inside Track of the Birdsville Track actually follows the original stock path. There is also the Outside Track, which is a safer route because it does not take you through the Diamantina floodplain. Throughout your journey on this off road adventure, beware of wandering livestock, emus, kangaroos, and other wildlife that call the desert region between South Australia and Queensland home. The track begins in Marree South Australia and ends just over the border of Queensland in Birdsville. Recommended minimum drive time is 2 days over the 534 km track. The best time to travel is between April and October.

Renting an Off-Road Vehicle for a Birdsville Track Road Trip

South Australia Truck Rental Map

South Australia Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

You can hire a truck at the Budget Trucks location at the Olympic Dam Airport, if you fly in there just for this holiday off-road adventure. From there it is only about 2 hours to Marree, South Australia where you start the track. Consult with your Budget Trucks rental agent for the best vehicle, as well as advice and safety instructions for this trip.

Ballera Truck Rental Map

Ballera Truck Rental Map Photo Credit:

Alternatively, you can rent the truck in Ballera, which is in Queensland close to Birdsville. This is also the location where you can return the truck rental.


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