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Travel Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Packing and Traveling (Part 1)

Travel Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Packing and Traveling (Part 1)

Whether you are moving to a new home or just traveling, these packing and travel hacks will help get you through it with ease. These ideas can show you that with a little ingenuity (or web searches) and planning ahead, your move or trip can go smoother, especially when you have less luggage or bags to carry around. In part one of this two part blog series on travel hacks, we will talk about traveling and packing tips for your jewellery, hair accessories, and toiletries. Stay tuned for part two, where we will cover travel hacks for packing your suitcase and packing tips for road trips and traveling in the car. Images credit: Diplo.

Packing and Travel Hacks for Jewellery and Hair Accessories

Our first category is jewellery and hair accessories. Even though most of these are small and don’t take up much space, it is unpacking them that can be a nightmare. Jewellery can get tangled, broken, and ruined, and hair ties or clips can end up all over the place. Here are some ideas for keeping it together:

Bobby Pins of Small Hair Clips in a Tic Tac Container

Bobby Pins - Tic Tac

This might be a great way to store small hair clips and bobby pins all the time.

Curling Irons and Hair Straighteners in Oven Mitts

Curling Iron

Often times when you travel, the last thing you do when getting ready to leave to your next destination is curl or straighten your hair with one of these hair appliances. Then you have to wait until it cools down until you can pack it up and be on your way. Bring an oven mitt to store it in and you will never have that issue again. In addition to that, a padded oven mitt protects your investment.

Buttons Store Earrings

Earings Button

If you don’t have a travel size jewellery box, or even if you just like to keep your earring pairs together, use a button.

Keep Rings in an Inconspicuous Place

Rings Medicine Holder

This will work for rings, and even small earrings. A pill box is a great place to keep your rings all in one place and organized. It also isn’t the most likely place, so hopefully will keep your jewels protected.

Keep Necklaces Safe in a Straw

Straw Necklaces

A simple straw, cut to the right size will keep your delicate necklaces from tangling and breaking or getting kinked up.

Packing and Travel Hacks for Toiletries

Toiletries and bathroom supplies are the most complicated thing when it comes to travel. There are quite a few clever travel hacks and short cuts that can help you get through airport check-ins, save space, save money, and prevent spills. We hope these travel hacks help you on a variety of different travels from airplane, to road trips, and even moving to a new home.

Use Masking Tape on Liquid Bottles

Masking Tape Shampoo

It always seems that no matter how tight you close the bottles, one somehow leaks during travel. Always put all of your liquids in a bag to protect the rest of your luggage, but also add masking tape over the top of lids to your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair spray, hair gels, etc. The extra measure of protection will save you from the spill. Remember to bring the masking tape with you so that when you unwrap the tape to use it, you can re-wrap it again to get back home, or to your next destination.

Prescription Bottles Make Great Toiletry Containers

Medicine Bottle Travel Storage

Whenever you travel, there are almost always loose things you need to bring that don’t have a home. If you cover over the medical information on a prescription bottle, you can use it for a number of different toiletry travel needs including Q-tips, bobby pins, hair clips, and hair ties. You can even use it for rings or earrings.

Use an Eye Dropper for Toothpaste

Eye Dropper Toothpaste

Often times, travel size toothpaste containers are too big if you are just going for a day or two. Squeezing toothpaste into an eye dropper will save space and money.

Make Your Own Portable Toiletry Containers

Travel Size Toiletries

This DIY project is for those committed to carrying less while traveling. Use straws to make one time use toiletries. Be sure to label them with the tape. This way, you can plot out how many uses you will need of your toiletries like sun screen, toothpaste, makeup, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. As you use each one, you throw it away. How do you seal the straws? You can use a flat iron or a flame to burn the seal closed.

Reuse Travel Size Containers

Travel Size Tooth Paste

Too often, we buy travel size containers each time we travel. It ends up costing more money paying for the travel sizes, even though they are smaller, the price per ounce is more. You can reuse travel size containers. In this example is a travel size tooth paste, you can match up your regular tooth paste and squeeze it into the travel size container.

Make a Travel Soap Pouch

Soap Washcloth

This clever soap pouch is an easy travel DIY idea. Fold your soap into your washcloth and you are ready to go.

Protect Your Razor

Razor Blade Binder Clip

If your razor doesn’t have a case, or the case is too big and bulky, an office binder clip can do the trick. Your razor blade is protected and so are the rest of your toiletries when you use this handy trick.

Contact Lens Box Makeup Case

Makeup Contact Lens Box

This is great for an everyday use in addition to traveling. Take an old contact lens case and use it to put your makeup in each side. This is much easier to carry in your purse. You can bring with you just enough for a few days and not have to worry about anything spilling or the extra space.

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