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12 Feng Shui Moving Tips

12 Feng Shui Moving Tips

Since moving can often be stressful and emotional, there are many different tips about moving from all over the world. We previously wrote about using Feng Shui to help you move. Feng Shui is an ancient practice of placing items around you to improve the flow of “chi” or your life force. This has been practiced for 1,000’s of years and has been proven to help people and families find balance in their lives and highlight goals. Many of the world’s top companies use Feng Shui to set up their corporate offices and retail locations. If you subscribe to this ancient way of design and organisation, you can follow these 12 tips to help; these are a traditional Chinese way of moving into a new home:


  1. The first order of business is to choose the perfect date and time for your move. In Feng Shui, this is called an auspicious date according to the Chinese Almanac. It can be a birth date of someone in your family or align with the animal of the year of your birth. If you are not familiar with Feng Shui, you can consult with a professional to find the best date and time to schedule your move.
  2. The day before you move in, light strategic locations in your home so that they will be bright on the day you move in to the house.
  3. On move in day, use your right hand to open the door at the time you have decided to walk into the house.
  4. As you take possession of your new home, proclaim that you are the rightful owner.
  5. The head of the family should enter the home first with the left foot. Step over any steps of threshold while holding all relevant documents including a sales agreement, bank documents, marriage certificates, etc.
  6. Open all of the windows to allow the energies and chi to flow throughout your home.
  7. Put a kettle on the stove to boil and then light the stove with charcoal. The lighting of the charcoal symbolizes a bright career, warmth at home and the ‘passing from one generation to the next’.
  8. Receive a ceremonial red packet and put it on the bottom of a wooden urn filled with rice. Put a red and gold sticker that represents ‘fullness’ on it.
  9. Bring in a basket of fresh fruits that include oranges (for prosperity), apples (for safety), pineapple (for good fortune), pomegranate (for opportunities), and peaches (for good health).
  10. Bring in symbols of good fortune from different customs can include Prosperity Cakes (for good luck), Turnip Cakes (for an obstacles-free life), and Peach Cakes (for longevity).
  11. Move-in day should only be for immediate family. Guests and other family members should not come in on moving day. A house-warming party should be set up on a different day.
  12. Finally, cook a meal and serve tea with the water that you boiled on the stove. Allow the charcoal to burn out completely before cleaning it out. Then put new charcoal under the cooking cabinet. This is said to ensure a stable income and plenty of food.
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