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15 Moving and Packing Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

15 Moving and Packing Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

As moving day approaches, the stress of the move and the ever-growing list of things to do can become a heavy weight. Use these moving and packing hacks to make your move easier. We have provided images to show you how easy these tips are. They will certainly have you wondering why you didn’t think of them before.

  1. Use Clear Plastic Bins for Items You Need to Unpack First

Use Clear Bins

Pack the things you will need to unpack first in a clear plastic bin. Labelling boxes is a fine way to organize them, but using clear bins allows you to see what is inside immediately. Consider using any clear plastic bins you already own to pack anything you want to be able to find quickly.

  1. Pad Fragile Items with Your Clothing or Linens

Wrap Breakables in Clothing

Wrap your breakable items in clothing or linens. It kills two birds with one stone, packing some of your clothes along with fragile items to add cushioning. It also saves money on bubble wrap. Clean socks are a perfect way to protect your glassware during your move.

  1. Cotton Balls Protect Your Cosmetics

Cotton Balls to Protect Cosmetics

Use cotton balls and wipes to protect your cosmetics during the move.

  1. Protect Liquid Toiletries from Spilling

Wrap Toiletries

Take the cap or lid off of your liquid toiletries and soaps and put a plastic wrap over the top before replacing the cap or lid back on tightly. This will prevent any spillage.

  1. Tips for Protecting Plates

Pack Plates Vertically

Packing plates vertically inside clothing or other protective wrapping will make them less likely to break than packing them one on top of the other.

Plate Protectors

Another idea for protecting plates is to use foam disposable plates in between each plate.

  1. Pack Drawers Intact

Pack Drawers Intact

This is an amazing time saving packing and moving tip! Using Press’n Seal or a similar sticky plastic wrap over your drawers will keep everything in place and prevent you from having to unpack and re-pack them.

  1. Label, Number, and Organise Your Boxes

Organize Label Boxes

Coloured Tape

Organize, label, and number your boxes. Even if it seems like overkill, you will thank yourself when you are unpacking. Many moving experts suggest even using colour-coded duct tape to seal the boxes. Use one colour for each room of your home. That makes it easily identifiable to you, the moving company, or your friends to instantly know what box goes in which room. The number system helps ensure that nothing is left out or forgotten during the process.

  1. Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is sticky as it unrolls and will hold groups of boxes together. This not only keeps your things together, but also prevents shifting, moving, and falling which means your belongings inside will be safer and less likely to break or get all tossed around.

  1. Easy Hack for Filling Holes

Soap Fills Nail Holes

This tip comes in handy especially if you were renting and need to leave clean walls in order to get your deposit returned. Of course, it’s also nice to leave clean walls for the new family moving in if you sold your home. If your walls are white, use soap to fill in the holes left from nails. Dove soap works very well for this. Rub it in a circular motion and then wipe away any soap residue.

  1. Vacuum Seal Out of Season Clothing and Linens Not in Use

Vaccum Seal

If you didn’t already have your out of season clothes vacuum sealed, definitely consider doing this as far in advance as possible. Any bedding that you aren’t using to pad valuables should also be vacuum sealed. It will safe you space during the move and make storage much easier while also keeping your clothes and bedding clean.

  1. Pack Your Entire Closet in One Step

Pack a Closet

This is probably the best tip of the whole lot. It may not be the neatest packing job, but it is definitely easy and efficient.

  1. Utilise Your Suit Cases, Baskets, and Containers

Use Baskets and Luggage

Use all of your baskets, suit cases, and any other bins or containers to pack things. If you were taking them anyhow, mine as well safe the space and the worry of trying to find or buy boxes.

  1. Plan Ahead for the Best Boxes

Beer Boxes

Speaking of boxes, the best kind of boxes to try and get (that are also usually free) are the beer boxes with handles. They are sturdy and handles make it much easier for transporting your things. Start asking your local liquor store or market well in advance of your move.

  1. Photograph Electronics and Plugs

Photograph Gadget Plugs

Take a photograph of all your electronics and plugs. This will make it very easy to reconnect your electronics, television, surround sound system, and computers.

  1. Bag and Label Small Parts and Pieces

Bag Small Parts

If you need to take anything apart, put the screws and other small pieces in a sealed sandwich bag, label it, and tape it to the item.


All images except where indicated photo credit BuzzFeed.


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